Monday: Back On Monday

It's ya boy, Sean, AKA Jets96, back at it again in his old time slot. Corey wil be doing the Thursday post this week, so for old time's sake, we're back at it beginning your week.

First things first, check out the voting reminders, due this Friday!

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On with the concepts!


Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Mac W.)

Okay so this is a unique take on the Blackhawks, one that I think woud work better for the Winterhawks or Spokane Chiefs...speaking of those Chiefs, the primary logo is exactly that, Spokane's. I won't say the recolouring looks horrible and in fact would like to see what you could do with that, but the only S in Chicago Blackhawks, is the plural part of the team's name. The redone banner style shoulder patch looks good on the black alternate as a pimary logo, and the shoulder patch loks okay. The template again works better in the WHL, and the execution errors stack up on the numbers on the back.


Windsor Bulldogs Concepts (By: Matt G.)

I'd never heard of the Windsor Bulldogs before, but returning to the IHL isn't a bad idea for a team that played only one season there after nearly a decade in the OHA SR (Today's OHL). The home and road do a godo job keeping the vintage theme intact, wile also being pretty modern in its design. The striping is its best feature, and goes well with the logo. There's something inherently nice about the dual colour scheme on the home. The alternate is my favourite and does an excellent job honouring the original team, including an improved logo! 

9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

San Francisco Giants MLB Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

The entire NL West is my favourite MLB identity, and San Franciso is near the top of that elite list. The reworked hockey style logo with the iconic Giants script really works...on the home, and isn't too bad either, as is the bridge striping is a solid addition. The numbers need a little bit of work, as the Rangers style offset outline shadow should be replaced with a solid thicker outline. I do wish the home was creme instead of white, as is Giants' tradition.


Boston Bruins Concept (By: Justin B.)

A solid concept here from writer Justin B., giving the Bruins a 2 colour jersey in classic yellow and brown for NHL Colour Rush. The strioing, while VERY Leafs like, works excellently with the thin B logo. The yoke numbers work well in the big brown yoke, and overall do a better job than most yoke numbers. I can't help but see this as a Leafs jersey though, that's my biggest issue. Maybe it's the GTA bias in me, but that's all I can see. I hope this does get a COTW nom, it's well made and well presented. 

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Unknown said...

I see the Leaf resemblance in the Bruins jersey too but that also must be the GTA bias in me too. I love the Bulldogs one. I second

Ben Shaffer said...

Justin's bruins for cotw

Unknown said...

Second Justin for COTW

Unknown said...

I'll try to make it look like a B instead of an S. Then again, how could you design something similar to the current logo

FC Macbeth said...

Hate to break you, Mac. That doesn't look like a B to me. It's still more or less an S. Maybe be a B with feathers would work as a decent alternative to Chicago's usual Indian head logo but that's about it.

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