2019 Winter Classic Jerseys

Thursday was the big reveal day for the 2019 Winter Classic jerseys. And they're just in time for the holiday shopping season, imagine that!

The Bruins were the first to reveal.


Their jersey is inspired by the 1926 - 1932 jersey. The main difference is the use of the B logo instead of the "roaming bear" logo. The B logo used on the Winter Classic jersey is the same B that appears in the current "Spoked B" logo. The Bruins have left space on the upper arm for white TV numbers, instead of continuing the gold stripes all the way up. A classic knit style Adidas collar, first used at last season's Winter Classic, is on this year's jerseys as well.

Reaction from the HJC staff started to pour in immediately...

"Those are gorgeous" - Sean

"Please wear tan pants. Please wear tan pants." - Steve

"Ooh, I like the sweater collar"
"I like that it looks on-brand with the old jerseys of the '20s and '30s, but is still an original design" 
- TC

"The shamrocks on the inside of the collar are cool. It ties both into Boston's history as an Irish-American city and Notre Dame" - Phil

Personally, I think this is a home run! I really love the return of the dark brown from the 2010 Classic. The use of the modern B with this 26-32 era jersey is a great combo. I'd also like to see Adidas use this collar exclusively for throwbacks and fauxbacks for outdoor games.


My rating:  9 / 10

The afternoon was reserved for the Blackhawks' jersey reveal.

Chicago's jersey is based on the 1928 - 1934 jersey. The Hawks did the same as the Bruins and applied their modern logo to a throwback design. The main difference (aside from the logo) is the amount of stripes on the shoulders has been reduced from the original version of the jerseys, but I think that was the proper thing to do. This jersey will use an older style of block font numbers and letters, which suits the throwback theme very well.


HJC contributor Bpoe, has whipped up a great graphic that illustrates the changes to the current Hawks logo that were made to further help it fit in with the throwback look.

Here's some more reaction from HJC staffers...

"Gorgeous tbh. Despite the black and white"- Bpoe

"Good adaptation of a historical jersey, but a bit bland for my liking" - TC

"It’s one of Chicago’s better efforts at a WC Jersey compared to previous years" - Steve

"Different Colors. Different Logo. Different Striping Pattern. For a team with such a rich history, it’s just a shame they took this long to step out of their comfort zone and finally make a memorable jersey for an outdoor game." - Justin

This is also a great jersey and I'm really happy with what both teams will be wearing. The streamlining of the shoulder stripes and the use of the modern logo with the throwback theme really works together well. I was wondering if the simple black and white colour scheme would be too boring, but it actually makes the jersey appear very crisp and clean.


My rating:  8.5 / 10

Let everyone know what you think about the 2019 Winter Classic jerseys in the comments. Is the hem stripe on the Boston jersey too large? Do the Hawks need to incorporate some red into the jersey? Do you like that the teams have mixed eras? How awesome are these jerseys?
Let everyone know in the comments below.
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