Tuesday: Nothing Could Be Finer to be in Carolina

Hi folks, welcome back to HJC for the Tuesday post. If you're reading this right at 4:30, I'm currently airborne somewhere between Cleveland and Atlanta, on a business trip to Raleigh. The Hurricanes are out of town, unfortunately, so I won't have the opportunity to visit a new NHL barn. Still, it will be nice to leave Ohio for the south, as I just had to put my quilt on my bed for the season.

Back to the blog, we have THREE votes for you to take care of. Not only do we have COTW, but in addition, there's a 3rd Quarter Vote, with its winner advancing on to the Concept of the Year bracket. If that wasn't enough for you, the Sabres Competition will give you plenty to review. It's a top 3, so choose wisely.

COTW 3rd Quarter vote (ends Friday @ noon EDT)
COTW Oct 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ noon EDT)
Buffalo Sabres ReDesign Competition (ends Friday @ noon EDT)
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Brooks F.- Team Kiribati

Brooks sends in a concept for a nation I wasn't even sure what continent it's on (it's hanging way out in the Pacific between Australia and Hawaii, if you're curious). The design is taken right off of the flag, with the arms and socks mimicking it right on. I like the script Kiribati on the crest, though the designation for ice hockey is redundant considering it's already on a hockey jersey, as well as the text itself is difficult to read. Brooks wisely doesn't attempt to splatter the jersey with too much color, as the sleeves provide plenty, but the hem still looks like it's lacking. The sublimated logo isn't getting the job done, as it doesn't fill the space well enough from not standing out enough. Striping as intricate as this can get challenging, but Brooks executes this concept excellently.

Grade: B-

Jay S.- Utah Grizzlies

Our first of two concepts from our previous Utah competition, up first from Jay. Straightforward design; angled hem and sleeve stripes with the yoke. The angles trouble me; the hem stripe looks like the bend wants to line up with the logo above. The arms introduce a new angle, not aligning with anything else in the set. I appreciate the consistency between all the striping patterns, leaving the same colors next to each other throughout. Speaking of which, the color balance works nicely for both home and road. This is minor, but the front numbers on the helmet should be a little higher up. Take a closer look at the helmets the next time you watch the NHL, you'll see it.

Grade: C-

Mac W.- Washington Capitals

I don't recall reviewing a Mac concept before, so welcome to Tuesdays, Mac. Your description underneath is titled as Vancouver, so be sure to double check your concepts before submitting. Starting with the logos, they're all quite stale, lacking excitement and intrigue. The clip art nature is only reinforced but such thin outlines, which you wouldn't find on a professional logo. The design on the red jersey is fine, while the white has a massive issue at the yoke. It's so short, it would look more like fangs coming out of the neck. The angle is sharper compared to the sleeves, making it look further out of place. The blue jersey sees the return of the infamous cummerbund, as the striping proportions are far too wide.

Grade: D-

Matt G.- Utah Grizzlies

We've already Matt's concept, as it was his Utah entry, and as it already won and has been in COTW, I won't be giving it a grade. Given that it's a spectacular blend of colors, applied to a simple cohesive theme, it's not hard to see why.

That's it for this week, I'll see you next week, and keep your stick on the ice.
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