Tuesday: Exorcist Needed. Apply at Wells Fargo Center

At long last, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: hockey. No other intro is needed.

Ok, that's a lie, we have to talk about this thing:

Let me start off by stating what hasn't been stated enough: someone thought this was a good idea. Secondly, why is it a demoniac muppet? Thirdly, what does this demoniac muppet have to do with the Flyers, Philadelphia, or hockey in general? Fourthly, why can't the team find a guy capable of walking on ice to portray the demoniac muppet with unestablished associations to the Flyers, Philadelphia, and hockey? Fifthy, why must the eyes of the demoniac muppet with unestablished associations to the Flyers, Philadelphia, and hockey portrayed by questionable actors pierce directly into my soul? Lastly, who thought that the demoniac muppet with unestablished associations to the Flyers, Philadelphia, and hockey portrayed by questionable actors with eyes piercing directly into my soul was a good idea?

But certainly, I can't be alone in my assessment? What do you guys think? How much sleep have you lost with its radiating, relentless eyes restlessly tormenting your nightmares? Let me know in the comments.

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Adam G.- Boston Celtics

Adam continues his NBA series in Boston. This set goes full Irish, introducing a shamrock pattern into the striping, a nice touch without being overbearing. The gold and green are far enough apart to distinguish them, yet close enough where the shamrocks don't flamboyantly jump out. The logo selection is falling flat; basketball aside, the crest logo isn't strong enough to carry the team, and the shoulder patch is redundant to the striping. The alternate is interesting, fully embracing green, but the white stripes have awkward proportions, dominated by the center one. The front wordmark works for basketball because of the number underneath, and could use something, perhaps a shamrock, to give it something to arch over.

Grade: C+

Adam G.- Indiana Pacers

Next up, the Pacers. This looks like an interesting crossover between Nashville and St. Louis, but is definitely recognizable for Indiana. The thin striping on thick backdrops, as found on the logo, create a great theme to base the design on. The only thing that's not working from the logo is the grey outline; it's not standing out enough from any jersey color, and runs way too close to white to justify it being a different color, especially on the alternate. Also, splitting the collar puts far too much emphasis on the grey. The crest logos look great for hockey, but the shoulders are where you lose me. The font is way too small to read, and the P is redundant with the crest. What I like most about this concept is the striping on the alternate. The checkerboard pattern is well colored and looks fantastic with the roundel logo.

Grade: B-

Daniel A.- Utah Grizzlies

Nothing annoys me more as a writer than having to look up jerseys or logos to spot the differences. All I've found it the shade of green changed, and the triangle background outline was changed from red to green. There simply isn't enough here to review this as Daniel's own creation. Also, and this goes for all our concept artists, be sure to include an icon, or at least your name, directly on the image. This way if it pops up in a Google search, everyone knows where it came from.

Grade: F

Jeff T.- Sarnia Sting

Jeff takes us to the OHL for the Sting. It's hard to imagine this team in anything other than black and yellow stripes, so full credit to Jeff for recognizing that. The yellow stripes were applied in the perfect amount, enough to carry the bee theme, without overloading the jersey. Even the laces on the skates make this happen! What's detracting from this theme, unfortunately, is the grey yoke. The theme could have carried so much stronger had it stuck to yellow striping on black. Less detracting is the single stripe on the pants; the yellow stripes are even numbered elsewhere, so an odd number leaves the lone stripe left out. Lastly, Jeff's anniversary logo isn't anything special, but it gets the job done with its straightforward simplicity.

Grade: B-

TC M.- Detroit Lions

TC's NFL series continues to Detroit. As with the real team, black is out. On the home and road, TC doesn't try to shoe out white like the Lions have, but on the alternate, he makes it work by fully committing to its removal. The design is a great mix between classic hockey and the Lions' jerseys. The only improvement I would suggest is wider pants stripes to better match the jerseys. I'm not sure how I feel about a full-time memorial patch (the WCF shoulder patch), but the Lions seem on board with it, so I guess the shoulder is as good a place as any for a permanent patch.

Grade: B+

TC M.- Washington Redskins

Our huge extravaganza Tuesday post ends in Washington for TC's take on the Redskins hitting the ice. Whereas the Lions' concept was clearly based on their current jerseys, the precedent for these are a bit muddled. After a quick Google, I found that the red jersey is based off the team's 70's look, while the white jersey is mimicking the red, followed by the alternate coming out of left field. The red jersey works, while on the white, the yellow stripes are running so thin, yellow-on-white syndrome has engaged. The yellow jersey, though plain, avoids yellow on white with thicker white stripes. The R secondary logo doesn't feel strong enough for a crest logo, and I've never been a fan of single letters as shoulder patches, since I prefer both patches to face forward. Speaking of which, the alternate could have had both patches facing forward, too.

Grade: D+

My COTW nomination goes to TC's Detroit Lions. I've been enjoying TC's NFL series thus far, and hope he has more concepts at the level up his sleeve. That's it for today, see you next week, and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday: Exorcist Needed. Apply at Wells Fargo Center Reviewed by Ben Shaffer on October 02, 2018 Rating: 5


Matt G said...

I absolutely love Gritty. It's like the Phillie Phanatic and Jakub Voracek had a love child. He's hilarious and also incredibly frightening. Not to mention he already has his own beer called "Nightmare Fuel". Amazing.

Matt L said...

I actually like Gritty more AFTER he fell on the ice. They should take that clumsiness and run with it as his personality.

Unknown said...

I was thinking the Sting concept would deserve at least a B.... get it... Sting....B...lol. I'll show myself out.

But as for adding the grey, it was due to their existing uniforms having it and it giving it a little different look. Sometimes the black/gold/white look like the Bruins.

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