Thursday: A Post Lost to Time

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Anyways, Thursday post, done from scratch!

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On with today's concepts!

Springfield Thunderbirds AHL Concepts (By: Ben S.)

While I do really like the Thunderbirds current SENS template jerseys, these are a much better set that fits with their logos. The thick outlines in the striping match the chevrons. That being said the white jersey certainly lacks that bright red we all love and if you switched the navy and red on these jerseys you'd have a real winner. The alternate, I mean...I shouldn't like it but I really do! This shows how much effort the design team went through to make it match the Florida rebrand in 2016. Would have been nice to see the Panthers unique font here.


Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Masao)

Again, another jersey I shouldn't like in theory, but in practice I really like it. If you told me "Red Wings meets Wild alternate" I'd think yawn, but right here, this works. I think it's how much the new primary logo works with a striping pattern with lots of gaps in it. The coloured name bar works pretty well too, probably too Flyers for the Leafs but as is I think it would work in a Stadium Series! 


Atlant Falcons NFL Concepts (By: TC Moore)

It's interesting how the Falcons have one of the hardest jersey designs to translate to hockey, and yet at least with the away, TC does a good job doing so. I say this because the way TC stretches the arms out to resemble the actual Falcons jersey The home doesn't really do the same as it lacks the black the actual jerseys have. The Falcons also usually have black gear. The black alternate is perfect as is, does an excellent job replicating the Falcons of the 80s. The A shoulder patch works....for the alternate...but it's not a part of their 2003 rebrand and it shows when put side by side. 


Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Concepts (By: Adam G.)

The Timberwolves now have a pretty easy to replicate in hockey form identity, but that doesn't mean it's easy. The home and road are excellent as is, with lots of colour balancing on both. It's very similar to St. Louis, but similar enough to the current jerseys that I could see these being sold right now. The alternate...I'm not sold on. I really like it but there's too much grey on the hem that isn't on the rest of the jersey....except the numbers which kind of just blend in. I could see this working if it were made of various shades of green. 


New Orleans Saints NFL Concepts (By: TC Moore)

Another solid effort here from TC, this time trying to replicate the classic Saints striping, and one closer to the 60s helmets in the alternate. The Saints have a fairly simple logo, and because of that it works on a chest stripe very well, even if it does blend in a bit. The alternate again is very much like their helmet, which is arguably the best in the NFL. I would have liked to see the black version of the logo on the alternate so it would work like the black jersey, but as is it's a solid concept!


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