Thursday: A Little Late But Better Than Never

Apologies everyone for the late post, but never fear for Steve is here! I know that was lame but I'm doing my best. Don't forget that we have the COTW voting, The 90's competition entries due by Friday, and don't forget to listen to the podcast!

Jets here now. Sometimes life happens and the post is late. This time it was a hell of a trip to a job interview, but to thank you for your patience, you get Steve and I reviewing todays concepts.

First things first, the voting bars you've all come to know and love.

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Also don't forget, as the bottom bar says, to check out the podcast, where Bpoe, Ryan and I review the best and worst of the AHL, as well as talk about Moose Jaw's awful new alternate, compare two bad jerseys, and do the usual Podcast staples.


Burkus C- Buffalo Sabres
Positives: The use of white as a more dominant color rather than blue was a good choice. Also, the Buffalo with "SABRES" logo looks great on the front with this chest stripe. Finally, the hem striping really works here.

Sean- I think there's a good blend of yellow and blue here, and because it's an alternate, making white the dominant colour is a solid way to distinguish it from the rest of the Sabres uniform history. The striping pattern itself here is very solid, the best way I can describe it is it reminds me of a warm winter blanket

Negatives: The half chest stripe is a little bother some. It makes the back of the jersey really bare. Also, the numbers in the sleeves was a bold choice but making them white falls flat. Finally, the navy pants need to have some sort of yellow on them to have cohesiveness with the jersey.

Sean- While I think half stripes are here to stay in the modern NHL, using a modernization of a classic logo with a vintage style modern logo doesn't work. The NY style Sabres logo would have worked better on the shoulders. Also would have liked to see the Turdburger numbers used here as it seems to work well with the Sabres WC shoulder patch imo

Overall: 8/10 Steve
8.75/10 Sean

Justin N- Buffalo Sabres 
Positives: Lover the fact that you brought back royal blue with the yellow. It looks really good on three home, away, and alternate jersey. Also, the yellow only striping works really well on the blue jersey. As for the alternate, I love the majority of yellow with the blue yoke and having the stripe in the yoke to break it up. good job.

Sean- While I agree with the sentiment "if it ain't broke don't fix it" Justin N. goes for the whole Red Green sentiment and says "if it ain't broke you're not trying hard enough", He improves on the classic Sabres . Yes that is possible. The shoulder patches, collar inlay, non matching half stripe hem, it all looks great. The alternate is my least favourite but it's still good, and the tribute is like the slug meets the goat head, need I say more.

Negatives: The tribute jersey falls flat with the Navy-yellow-grey color scheme. I give you credit for it but it doesn't be the classic goathead jersey. As for the regular jerseys, the striping in the yoke really bothers me on the white jersey. I feel like that could have worked better with a rounded yoke than a more modern squared yoke. Finally, please show the back of the jersey.

Sean- the alternate loses me in that darker colours would benefit it, as would having blue numbers despite them not matching the primary logo. Furthermore, I think vintage white would have looked better, but that's just me

Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Sean's rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me! 

Mac W- Arizona Coyotes 
Positives: It's nice to see that you really pumped up the sand on the red jersey. it really compliments the coyote head. Also, I like that you made a tribute style jersey but mixed it up with the design and colors.

First of all I like the primary logo choice, having the desert night jersey myself, it's a really strong primary. I like the striping pattern and square yoke to a point here, and the idea of using the Kachina pattern on a black alternate

Negatives: I feel like you fell flat when it came to the logo on the alternate jersey. Also, the collar on the red jersey doesn't look as good as the white jersey. Switch the colors around. Finally, get rid of the nameplate on the jerseys. It's an outdated look (even though Philadelphia says otherwise).

Steve says nothing here I disagree with, but why the moon on the brick jersey when the brick jersey has the most maroon and half of it isn't visible is beyond me. A shoulder patch and font change to the name bar would really boost this jersey. Execution needs work but that's nothing practice doesn't fix.

Overall: 7.75/10

Sean's rating: 5/10

Vaughn R- Boston Vs Calgary 

I'll (that's Sean who is Jets96) will review this concept on my own, again thanks for Steve for stepping in. Here Vaughan wonders if the Flames and Bruins played in China in both 2009 and 1999 based on each team's jerseys. The Bruins jersey is the weaker of the two, vaguely resembling the Habs/Lightning style white jerseys. The primary logo is drastically undersized and that hurts the concept greatly, as does the lack of yellow. The Flames jersey on the other hand is solid, but the snot flame horse really dates this concept, as does the black gear, it keeps it perpetually in 1999. The striping looks okay, but the numbers need outlines like the logo. Furthermore the more circular shaped event logo looks ovular on the jerseys.


Thursday: A Little Late But Better Than Never Reviewed by Steve Marc on October 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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