Thursday: Countdown Over, More Concepts

Happy Thursday, happy day after Legalization (or as I'm calling it Dope Boxing Day) for those in Canada, welcome to the Thursday post!

If you haven't already check out episode 53, the first episode of "year 2" of the Jersey Nerds Podcast. Big things are coming to the podcast so stay tuned and keep listening!

So yeah, Pot/Dope/Wacky Rick Taberacci is legal in Canada. It's cool. Namely because I haven't smoked since I was in grade 12 or partook in the devil's lettuce since I was in 2nd year of university. I stood in line for almost an hour to go to the NSLC Cannabis store in Halifax, NS. Inside it was an experience, one I'm glad I went to. The staff were knowledgable enough to help anyone who was unsure what they wanted or trying for the first time.

Of course dope alters your state of mind a bit, and is something I can only encourage you have in moderation and treat like alcohol. Basically, don't be stupid, but I figured I'd mention that while under the influence last night I gained a new-found love for the Sabres current home. A jersey I have lambasted in the past, looking at it in a different state of mind, it became my favourite jersey in the NHL right now to the point where I briefly debated ordering a Mittelstadt jersey.

Photo from Sabres.NHL.com

So if that's enough to convince you not to drive high, I don't know what will, basically to my Canadian readers: Have Fun, One Love, but be smart, don't be stupid, moderation is key, be courteous and don't drive/work high!

Here are you voting reminders for the week

On with today's concepts!

NHL Colour Rush (ANA v. LAK) Concept (By: BurkusCircus) 

I'll give Burkus full marks for taking the unpopular approach with the Ducks jersey. I will admit I like the majority of this jersey. By keeping the gold almost entirely separate from the orange and keeping big bold black ad white stripes between them, you'd taken the best approach the 2006-12 Ducks could have if they ever wanted a gold jersey. The logo choice isn't my favourite, but I'm not sure any logo looks good with the swooshing chest stipe. Also good work using the Adidas collar to your advantage. The LA jersey is super conservative and almost a simplification of their 2014 SS jerseys with more grey and based on their original/Chevy logo jerseys mixed together. Not much to correct execution wise, but the Kings numbers might be a bit thin compared to how they look irl.


CSUN Matadors NCAA Concepts (By: Chris W.)

I like that Chris almost never makes NHL concepts, and we get to see some amazing identities like CSUN. The home and road seem Carolina inspired, but do enough to be their own thing. Their colours are perfectly balanced, I really like the way the yoke angles down on both jerseys to resemble the top of the cape of a matador's uniform. The alternate is a simple Kings carryover, but it works, reminds me of something you'd see in the QMJHL. I think the one issue I think is the big blank space on the cape. Maybe adding a stylized version of CSUN into the cape would be interesting if that exists.


Toronto Marlies AHL Concepts (By: Ben S.)

One thing about the Marlies identity is since it's a modernization of a logo older than most, they can get away with being vintage full time. The home and road here have an express 30s &50s/60s  vibe between the yoke, and name over the logo. The rounded numbers are tough since I like them, but they  don't go with anything else unless the arched script were to be rounded too. The alternate is pretty simple, 30s amount of stripes, 60s stripes, and it's probably my favourite of the 3, it's really sharp. This is what I would have based the set on, and used the white as the alternate. 


Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Danny R.)

Not making the home and road jerseys match completely is nothing new for the Sabres. The home remains the same, only adding a yoke outline, while the road uses the 2018 WC shoulder parch as the primary. Furthermore we see two staples of the turdburgers, sword tipped numbers and crossed sabre captain's patch. I like what's done here, blending almost 3 distinct jerseys into one to get something that is both vintage and modern. The yellow jersey takes the good of the turdburger, and tones back to turd. I like how the numbers are just outlines, and the swords in the arm. Not much to dislike unless you don't like what's here. 

9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

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