Sunday: The All Jay S. Post!

Hi everybody. Welcome back. You read that correctly. All the concepts today are by Jay S, but you'll see as to why that is so let's get right to it!

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Let's get to Jay's concepts

Army Black Knights
Positives: Army has always gone the conservative route with their jerseys so I can see this being something that the Black Knights would wear. The Diagonal "ARMY" Script looks really good on the front of the jersey and works well with the event patch. Also the stripe in the yoke is a nice addition to prevent the jersey from looking so bare.
Negatives: I get that you wanted to have the front script as the focal point but the stripes are really small for a jersey that's going to be worn outdoors. Also, This merely has to do with your template. I commend you on making it and coloring in everything but a bit of shading near the sides of the jersey doesn't do the template justice. play around with some shading and highlights.
Overall: 7.5/10

Holy Cross Crusaders
Positives:  The simplicity of this jersey works so well with the Holy Cross identity. That thick purple stripe looks really good on the white jersey and it'll look great outdoors.
Negatives:I wish you would've made a back for this or at least done something to show the back. I'd like to see if this is just on the front or all the way around. also, same criticism for the template as above.
Overall: 8/10

Manchester Monarchs 
Positives: This is a nice change up from the first Reebok jersey the team used. The Nashville like striping and the old hem looks really good together. Also, the gold as an outline and on the crown looks good.
Negatives: While it's a nice design a fauxback, it doesn't feel original. You could've drawn inspiration from other jerseys instead of a slight change on an old jersey.
Overall: 7/10

 Positives: I'm glad that you made a layout of the stadium as it adds to the realism of it
Negatives: You could've gone into more detail to give it a more realistic look. Also, what stadium is it?
Overall: 6/10

Positives: I like how you divided it up diagonally and added the information on the right and gave the center ice it's own part on the ticket
Negatives: It's really simple and I'd like to see some more details on this.

Worcester Railers 
Positives: I love the double stripe with the thin white stripe on the end. It's simple but effective and works to perfection.
Negatives: Besides the template, nothing else.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE

That's all I got for you guys this week. Thanks for stopping by. I won't be here next week as I will be getting hitched so look for someone else next weekend. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys in two weeks.
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Ben Shaffer said...

I'll nominate the Army uni for COTW.

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