Monday: New Writer and Crossovers

Happy Monday to all. It is my pleasure to be the newest member of the HJC team. My name is Corey. Over the years as I’ve been reading the posts and listening to the podcast (even being a guest to both a couple of times), and I’ve always wanted to contribute more. After all, my love of all things jerseys and anything else visually appealing with hockey is why I first stumbled on HJC. Now I have an outlet to express my opinions with other people who share the same interests as myself

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Now let’s get to my first review as an official HJC team member!

Adam G. – Brooklyn Nets

First up is a Brooklyn Nets crossover design. This reminds me a lot the Islanders Brooklyn alternate, which I quite like. Black and white colour schemes can be limiting but this is well done. The 3 stripes on the sleeves representing New York, New Jersey and Brooklyn is a nice touch. The numbers on the shoulders and the patches on the arms makes it stand out a bit more that other black and white jerseys. And that crest doesn’t look out of place on a hockey jersey as some logos from others sports tend to do. Solid work.

Overall – 8/10

Adam G. – New Orleans Pelicans

Our next entry also comes from Adam with a second NBA crossover, this time with the Pelicans. I live the uniqueness of the Pelicans regular jerseys and this concept stays true to that. The patterns on the sleeves and side would make this stand out among all other teams on the ice. The logo feels a bit crowded and I feel like some red on the pant stripe would take the whole uniform up a notch. I also really like the fleur-de-lis shoulder patch as it proves it didn’t just work for the Nordiques.

Overall – 7.5/10

Ben S. – San Antonio Rampage

Coming to us next is a San Antonio Rampage set with an affiliate alternate. This set has an interesting look to it. The stripes on the shoulder are neat and I think it would work better if they stood out better than white, grey and black, but I don’t think it looks bad. The throwback to their parent team is a real winner for me. It pays homage not just to their new partnership with the St. Louis Blues, but harkens back to their history. The recolouring on the logo is nice too. I like that you kept the bull grey as a blue or yellow bull just doesn’t look right. The home and away jerseys are nice, but I really dig the alternate.

Overall – 7/10

Brooks F - Dominica

I’m getting some Minnesota North Stars vibes from this one. One thing that fascinates me (other than jerseys, obviously) is flag. So to me what could be better than essentially putting a flag on a jersey and calling it a day? Except the small details on this go beyond that. Notice how the stripes on the arms and pants are uniform to the stripes that make the cross on the front. Very nicely done. I love this level of detail. This is something I could envision being used as an official international uniform.

Overall – 9/10 and COTW nom from me

Sook – Tampa Bay Lightning

Next in line is this Tampa Bay Lightning alternate concept. First off I’ll say that the design and striping is really working for me. It looks like a hockey jersey and would be a unique entry in the Lightning’s jersey history (and not for the same reason as their first alternate). What doesn’t work for me is the front crest. Not that its not a nice logo, but it works best as a shoulder patch. Also the shoulder patches are a bit too big and the white on the numbers wash out the blue. A few tweaks here and I think its excellent.

Overall 6.5/10

TC – Green Bay Packers


Now to some NFL crossovers. This one really made it a tough choice of my favourite over the Dominica jersey but come on, THE JERSEY WASN THE FLAG. This design is just a classic look. I feel like even Vince Lombardi himself would approve. From the striping to the logo, it looks like a hockey jersey. The alternate/throwback is fantastic. The yellow pants while maybe not being the most aesthetically pleasing is exactly what was needed. It’s a beautifully done set.

Overall – 8.75

TC – Kansas City Chiefs


Our final concept is another NFL crossover. This one happens to be of Sean’s (Jets) Chiefs. Similarly to the Packers design, this on also has a classic look. I feel like the white jersey needs some more red somewhere. Perhaps recolouring the logo or even a red helmet could be that last splash of colour it needs. The alternate is really quite nice and I’d even like to see what a set based on that jersey would look like. I like the striping on the pants better on the alternate as well and it just adds more colour to the set.

Overall – 7.5/10

That’s it, my first post is in the books. I was fortunate to have some extremely well thought out concepts on my first kick at the can. I look forward to next Monday as I get settled in here with HJC. See you all next Monday.
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