Tuesday: Red Alert

Hi folks, welcome back to HJC for the Tuesday post. Just a few things to go over before we get to the good stuff.

First, vote. Concept of the Week, and Concept of the Month. Easy enough.

Next, listen to the Jersey Nerds podcast. That's even easier than the first.

Next, fire up your imaginations, our next competition is for the ECHL's Utah Grizzlies. This will be significantly more challenging than the first two, but mostly because this takes some effort. But you like effort. That's why you're a concept artist. This intro is already far too cheesy, so just start already so I don't have to remind you again, ok?

 COTW Vote Aug 31-Sep 6 (ends Friday @ noon EDT) 
 COTW August Vote (ends Friday @ noon EDT) 
Utah Grizzlies ReDesign entries (due September 21 @ noon ET)
 New Podcast every Monday!  

Ben S. (hey, that's me!)- Cleveland Monsters

I must admit, this is one of my least favorite designs in my AHL series; I'm not a fan of the Monsters' brand, so I tweaked it a bit to better match their parents' club down the road on I-71. The alternate is an homage to the Monsters' arenamates (the NBA's Cavaliers) at the Q. I'll leave the grade up to you. What do you think?

Chris W.- Bethany Lutheran College Vikings

Next up, Chris shows us his take on the Bethany Vikings of Mankato, Minnesota. There are a lot of small details here that need to be commended. Obviously, there's the diagonal pattern within the stripes, giving this design a lot more intrigue than otherwise. If you look closely, you'll also find the "bolt" pattern from the viking's helmet on the alternate. But wait, there's more! The triangles jutting out from the black stripes are taken right out of the viking's shield in the logo. The font and execution were well done, adding to this all-around well detailed concept. The only part of this design I'm not on board with is the colored hems on the home and road; without another solid block of color like that elsewhere on the jerseys, they stand out awkwardly and call too much attention to themselves.

Grade: A-

Lucas D.- Atlanta Braves

Our last concept today comes from the start of another Lucas series, this time through Major League Baseball. Similar to Chris's, Lucas relies on patterns within the striping, taken out of the logo, to make this work, and it certainly does. It's also fitting that the design from the home to the road stays exactly the same, with the only thing changing being the primary jersey color. As great as the ornate striping is, it leaves me wanting more on the blank yoke and pants. The numbers do look a bit small, and too close to the nameplate. 

Grade: B+

My COTW nomination goes to Chris's Bethany Vikings. That's it for this week, I'll see you next week, and keep your stick on the ice.
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JulioC said...

I second Chris W Bethany concept

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