Tuesday: Bounceyball, Hardball, and Footless-Football

Hi folks, welcome back to HJC for the Tuesday post. We have 6 concepts to get through today, so let's get right to it after we take care of voting and podcast reminders:

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Adam G.- Charlotte Hornets

Starting on the court, the first of two NBA concepts from Adam is for the Hornets. We're big fans of double blue on the blog, though these jerseys tend towards leaning very close towards one shade, washing out the other blue and grey. The wash is furthered with the lack of color or stripes on both the pants and gloves. The alternate doesn't have this problem, and is the best of the three. The logo selection leaves me wanting more; the same logo is used on all the crest of all three, and the text in the shoulder patch on the alternate is too small to be legible.

Grade: C-

Adam G.- Denver Nuggets

Next up for Adam is Denver. Using the newer branding, Adam creates a minimalist design for the home and away, well accented in a triadic color scheme. The stripes aren't out of nowhere, however, as they're taken right out of the roundel of the logo. Unlike Charlotte, the minimalism here makes sense for the pants to be a solid color. The alternate is gorgeous, using the skyline chest stripe, though I wish the stripe was continued around to the back. The execution, as on the Hornets, is excellent.

Grade: A-

Lucas D.- Los Angeles Angels

Moving to the diamond, Lucas's MLB series makes its way to Anaheim Los Angeles. The striping falls flat for how the darker red is used. The inspiration was out of the logo, creating a 3-D effect, while in the jersey design, it's just another stripe. This inconsistency makes the darker red feel out of place, and incoherent in the theme. Otherwise, the colors seem fine and make a good crossover to a hockey jersey. The font on the numbers matches the logo, a small detail that makes a big difference.

Grade: C+

Ryan H.- Calgary Flames

Moving to the ice, Ryan takes on a new look for the Flames. Ryan keeps black in the mix, taking the striping theme from the Flames' more modern jerseys, but in a striping pattern closer to the traditional jerseys. This is a brilliant way to take precedent to forge something unique and new. Typically, we like to see numbers on the jersey, but given the whole alphabet and numerical characters are in the brand guide, it's not necessary. The 3-D templates gives us a great idea of how these jerseys would really look on the ice, though the socks are so obviously flat, the effect is lost.

Grade: B

TC M.- Denver Broncos

Moving to the gridiron, TC takes us back to Denver for the Broncos. TC makes a great crossover, taking the theme of the Bronco football jersey over to a hockey sweater. This was made especially admirable because the football jersey's design doesn't cross over only loosely relates to a hockey jersey (this isn't the case with the alternate, but I'll get to that next). The pants's design lacks connection to the football jersey, and doesn't fit with this hockey jersey, either. Given it's right under the side hem stripes, the angles don't align and wouldn't fit. The alternate lends itself much more closely to hockey, so TC didn't overthink it and made a great, classic design.

Grade: B-

TC M.- Seattle Seahawks

Lastly, TC takes a similar approach with Seattle as with Denver. The grey yoke down the arms with green accents and arrow pattern looks great for hockey, and is excellently adapted from football. The design is wonderfully consistent, expect on the pants, where the arrow pattern should have been the same size as the jersey. The alternate takes its inspiration from the logo, and I like how both dark stripes within the white are blue; the lower one could have been green, but the way TC has it pairs with the shoulder yoke.

Grade: A-

My COTW nomination goes to TC's Seattle Seahawks. That's it for this week, see you for the next, and keep your stick on the ice.

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