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Labor Day is great. I'll gladly take the trade-off with my personal calendar getting confused and the three day weekend.

PERSONAL NOTE: As you may have heard with the latest episode of the Jersey Nerds Podcast, I have announced my (second) retirement from HJC. However, with the blog having evolved substantially from what it originally was, it is not a full retirement. I will still be involved with the blog in regards to news and the occasional story. Jets96 (Sean B) will be taking over Wednesday writing and the vacancy will be for Mondays. If you think you can fill that vacancy, click on the tab on the upper right corner to apply to be a writer. It was a lot of fun while I was here, and I assure you that it is well worth it to join us.


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Ben S: Belleville Senators (AHL) Concept

Similar to what the Baby Sens wear now, Ben decides to move the sleeve numbers into the striping and to decrease the thickness of the bottom set of stripes for the main set. He also gives them a name and number font more consistent with the classic looking "B" logo, a move I think would be better if the numbers on the white jersey were white to clash better with the chest striping. The alternate is a nice departure from that set by bringing their new alternate logo front and center, then creating a jersey based on that logo, with two sets of two stripes on every part of the sweater, the body and each sleeve. A more traditional block font returns here as well. Not too many complaints about this one.

Rating: 93%

Jordan R: HK Ogre (Latvian Hockey League - Fictional) Concept

Jordan creates a team logo apt for a city called Ogre, and uses a black green and orange color scheme, which screams Halloween, perfect for a monster like an ogre. He gives them a Penguins-esque jersey, but with striping that is consistent all throughout the uniform, unlike Pittsburgh. The thick name and numbers are a bit tough to deal with in terms of ease of reading, but a great look if thinned out a bit.

Rating: 89%

Lucas D: Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS) Concept

Lucas uses motifs in the logo to create a unique set for Major League Soccer's Whitecaps. Look at the top half of the logo and you see white striping and look at the bottom to find bright blue striping. Not only that, but most of the striping is doubled in order to make the mountain shape that inverts into a shape resembling a W on the bottom. So for the striping, he uses two sets of the same color stripes in each position. Each set of stripes is outlined in silver, like the logo itself. Putting the numbers in between is perfect, because of the wordmark portion of the Whitecaps logo in between each color set. My only complaint is the thickness of the navy blue separating the stripe sets on the socks. It's a bit much considering the striping basically goes up to the knees. Now if only they weren't the forgotten team of Cascasia.

Rating: 97%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That does it for me this week. Keep an eye out for a very special Saturday post this week to make up for the calendar confusion Labor Day caused. My last post is next week and I will see you then. Don't forget to send questions to the HJC Mailbag so we can answer them on the podcast. The more ridiculous the question means the more hilarious the answers will be.

Also I'm working on a story for the 2018 Edition of the Stabley Cap Hockey Tournament. Once pictures are officially posted I'll share them with you. I had a great time playing once again for the Pittsberg Fills, proudly wearing the #12 Fil Not Kessal sweater, but this time in the Penguins' retro baby blue jerseys. During the consolation match, known as the Constellation Cup, I finished with a +/- of 0, 1 SOG, and 1 penalty drawn in just under 15 min TOI, during an 8-5 loss to the Nu Jerzee Devals.

But until then, see you next week one last time!
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