Sunday: Sarcastically Surprised

Howdy Folks. Steve here for another Sunday Post. The Flames dropped there *ahem* new alternate, a direct copy of the throwback alternate from the Edge era. As my title suggests, this was my response:

In all reality who didn't see this coming? The Flames have a love for this throwback because it was the only time they won Stanley Cup and nostalgia is all the Flames have going for them so have at it Calgary!

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Okay let's do this!

Adam G- Philadelphia 76ers
Positives: The first in many sports crossovers today, The stars and stripes design looks good on the arms With the colonial stars on the shoulder. The stars are not overly baring on the jersey but not too little to be an afterthought. Also, the roundel logo works perfectly on the front of the jersey.
Negatives: What bothers me about this jersey is the basketball style trim on the bottom of the jersey and the amount of red on the design overall. While the idea of taking a classic trim stripe on a basketball jersey and use it for the hem was clever, it's too small to really notice from a distance. As for the issue with the red, you have the red as these little thin lines that just get lost in all the blue and white.
Overall: 8/10

Ben S- Iowa Wild 
Positives: The Iowa Wild have always confused me because it's like they're torn between the script logo and the roundel logo on the jerseys when both jerseys are mean for only one logo, which Ben has figured out with ease. The script logo on both the dark and light jersey look great and getting rid of that awful wheat colored phantom yoke on the green jersey was an excellent idea and adding a green yoke to the white jersey was a great idea as well. As for the Alternate, I love how you just made "IOWA" a script because it stands out so well and just captures your attention.
Negatives: You could've pushed the jersey design a lot more with this one Ben. Using the same arm striping as the current jersey feels lazy when you look at you just adding a contrasting hem. As for the alternate, the Wild logo in that random spot on the chest just looks ugly. It's too much on the front and you should lower down what you have on there. Also, I'd suggest reducing the amount of wheat on the alternate and increasing the red striping slightly to give it more balance.
Overall: 7.5/10

Brooks F- New Jersey Devils 
Positives: Brooks good to see you back at HJC. The idea of bringing back green into the Devils' color scheme is an interesting one. I've always been one to advocate the Devils going back to "Garden State Green" and you using it as an accent was a good choice. The red stripe on both the dark and light jersey work great with the black and green accent. As for the alternate, I love that it's a fauxback jersey, but looks like something the devils have worn in the past.
Negatives: The main negative I have with this is how you used the green on the primary jerseys and by that, I mean how little you used. The Green striping on the logo of the dark jersey is so small I could barely see it without zooming in, as well as on the numbers. Also, the green stripe on the primary jerseys is so skinny that it hardly stands out on the white. As for the Alternate, I'd suggest against green paints when it comes to this Kelly green color.
Overall: 8/10

 Lucas D- Houston Astros
Positives: Houston has been very hesitant to use the tequila sunrise recently but you do a great job making it the sleeve stripes on the jersey. The jersey is understated but the gradient striping really gives it that extra kick. Also, the simple "H with Star roundel" Logo looks great on the front and no other logos are needed.
Negatives: My only negative is that the TV numbers look a little too low on the arms but it's not a big deal.
Overall: 9.25/10 COTW NOMINEE!

TC Moore- Chicago Bears 
Positives: I like that, for the dark jersey, you chose to go with the Bears' sleeve striping. It may be a lot of striping but it works for Chicago and it's shows that it can work on a hockey jersey. I also like how you deviated away from that on the white jersey and choose to go with a Blackhawks-esque style striping with a dark yoke. It really helps to draw your attention to the logo in the center of the jersey.
Negatives: Really my negatives about this are just the alternate. I've never thought that the bears looked good in orange and adding the white hem and striping of the Blackhawks on it doesn't do it any favors. My only negatives on the primary jerseys are that you didn't use the plain C logo on one jersey.
Overall: 8.25/10

TC Moore- Pittsburgh Steelers 
Positives: Finishing off with the only team to tie with the most recent tie in the NFL, you do another good job of using the team's striping as striping for a hockey jersey. I've always thought that it could work for the Iowa Hawkeyes' hockey team and it works well here. As for the light jersey, I like the choice of a yoke again and the accent stripe on the front and back of it. It ties nicely to the striping but doesn't make the jersey too busy. As for the alternate, I like the color rush idea of it by using on black and gold with the three four-cusped hypocycloids (also known as an astroid) in the yoke looks great.
Negatives: Being from Pittsburgh and indoctrinated to like the Steelers, us Steelers fans take tradition among the uniforms seriously. That being said, the yellow numbers on the black jersey with the white outline look unusual and give too much yellow on the jersey. Make the block numbers white (like pre Jerome Bettis era jerseys) and plain black on the white jerseys. As for the alternate, that "PS interlocking" logo is just out of place on this. You had other options for the crest logo on this jersey so please stick to them.
Overall: 8/10

Okay everybody that's all I got. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys next week!
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