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Good day fellow Jersey Nerds! Today's post is written by me Ryan, your friendly blog admin. The title of this post is accurate, this is the 2,982nd post all time in HJC history. So enjoy it like you did the 2,981 that came before it.

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Charlotte Checkers (Ben S.)
What stands out right away is that this team is clearly affiliated with the Hurricanes, but at the same time this set would be unique to the Checkers. Another thing that stands out is Ben's background that he always uses, but I'll give him a break because he's the Tuesday writer and you can tell when it's a Ben piece right away. The white jersey here in this set is my favourite. I'm not too hot on that alternate, but at the same time if it made a connection with the fans of the team then it could be considered a good jersey. Solid execution on the jerseys from Ben here!

Ryan's Rating - 7.5 / 10

LRK Utenos Erzilai (Jordan R.)

Jordan continues his exploration of a Lithuanian hockey league with this team, whose name I probably cannot pronounce and will attempt this witty sentence to distract from my short comings. I really like the blue jersey and I also like that the white jerseys is completely different, but at the same time totally plays off of the blue jersey. Solid logo that I can buy as a Euro league logo. The number font works really well for the horse theme. I also like Jordan's
explanation of the team's branding and where it came from. There's not much negative to say here other than it lacks a big wow factor.
Ryan's Rating - 8.5 / 10
Tampa Bay Lightning (John E.)
Victory stripes! A different shade of blue! Re-introducing a heavy amount of black into the team's look! This is a concept that has a wow factor. My only gripe would be that the two eras of logos don't work together. What a great alternate this would be for the Bolts! COTW nomination from me!
Ryan's Rating - 9.5 / 10

There we go, that's what we have for you today. Help these artists out and leave some comments about what you think of their work. Also be sue to get started on your Utah Grizzlies entry and if you have any concepts that you want to submit for the daily posts send them to us by email (concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com)
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