Sunday: Another Empty Cubicle

Hello everybody. Steve here with another Sunday post. We recently saw a potential leak of the Isle 3rd jersey so that's gonna be awesome, but we also have some news here at HJC. 

HJC is losing another writing. I won't mention who, but that means it's your chance to join the HJC Writers Club. Yes, this club includes taco tuesdays, 401K, great dental, this digital membership card above, and a change to express yourself among your hockey jersey peers*. The information for getting in your writing entries should be in shortly so be ready.

Thanks to all who sent in concepts for the Michigan comp and get ready to vote for them as well as the COTW. Also, we have a special guest on the Jersey Nerd Podcast so be ready for that as well!

Okay let's get to the concepts!

Burkus C- Montreal Maroons
Positives: There's a good bit to like about this jersey Burkus. The simple striping on the arms works really well on both jersey and the "M" on the yokes looks great. Also, the maroon yoke was a good choice as it would have made the jersey too plain.
Negatives: The Diagonal lettering is nice on the jersey but I really get an amateurish feel with the striping and the text. It almost looks like something that a high school team would get made and wear. That's not necessarily a bad thing but I'd like to see the "M" be more present on the front. Also, lost the half collar.
Overall: 8/10

Chris W- Ottawa Senators 
Positives: Your extra details within your designs are always a joy to see here Chris and this is no let down. The fabric texture for the gold knocks this design out. As for the overall designs themselves, I really like that you added the Centurion Pattern in the sleeves of the main jersey but kept the jersey looking pretty traditional. As for the alternate, that little spacing in between the chest and arm stripes makes all the difference as well as that squared off yoke.
Negatives: When it comes to the jerseys I do have some negatives. The Centurion pattern on the alternate seems like an after thought and really clashes with the overall design. As for the jerseys themselves, the white looks very similar to Vegas and that's not a good thing.  Also, Why make the "O" logo gold on the shoulders of the main jersey but white on the alternate? Finally, putting ALL of the logos on the concept as well as the equipment really clutter this and turn you off to wanting to look at it further. Please slim the amount of things you have on one design in the future.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Jordan R- LRK Klaipedos Hidras 
Postives: Another concept from my homeland, it's funny that the coat of arms resembles the Calgary flames horse jersey design. That's not a bad thing though. The pointed yoke in the front really gives this a unique look and the striping pattern helps it a lot.
Negatives: Too much red on this design and needs a secondary color to break it up. Otherwise good job.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jordan R- HK Kraken Ventspils 
Positives: The superior hockey neighbors to Lithuania, this Latvian design seems to draw a strong resemblance to the newest home jersey of the Hurricanes minus the warning flag design in the hem. The striping design that has silver on one end and white on the other was a good design choice and the white jersey to match looks good as well.
Negatives: Like I said, this resembles the Canes too much and really doesn't give them much of an identity so please make it a little more unique.

Okay kids that's all I got. Come back next week for some more great concepts!

*HJC does not have taco tuesdays or Dental Benefits.
Sunday: Another Empty Cubicle Reviewed by Steve Marc on September 02, 2018 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Jordan's Kraken for COTW!

JulioC said...

I second the ChrisW's ottawa concept

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