Possible San Jose Sharks Alternate Leaks

Another day, another possible leak in the Adizero 3rd jersey game! AND THIS ONE IS A UNIQUE DESIGN!

According to Pro Image Sports_StGeorge on instagram, a sports apparel store out in Southern Utah, this is a new jersey sent to them as part of this year's new jerseys. Of course San Jose will be wearing a black alt, but some design choices will surprise you!

Based on this photo we see a few new things from the Sharks. for one, the jersey is mostly if not entirely black with teal. There is almost no white in the logos (there is a barely visible shoulder patch) or stripes. Speaking of the stripes they are very similar to the Leafs pattern, but with a printed rubber circuit board pattern. This makes sense as the Sharks are the team of Silicon Valley. The Sharks logo itself sees a couple of changes, such as two new shade of teal in the broken stick, and orange only being seen in the eyes.

This is the Fanatics version of the jersey, which make one think the computer chip pattern will be slightly less rubbery on the actual jersey.

Here are some HJC Writer Opinions

TC Moore- "Not using their great new Tiburones logos, and no hem stripe in their quest for the lightest jersey imaginable, and the most interesting thing about this is a black-on-black sublimation that won't be noticeable on the ice.  Swing and a miss. Also, if you're going to eliminate orange from the stick, why keep it in the eye?"

Steve M. - " I think so many people liked the black and teal that San Jose went with this instead of a vintage jersey."

BPoe- "I love/hate this design though. I would say copy the stripes to the hem but then that would be black and teal leafs (well their old design)"

However there is more to this story, as Pro Image Sports also included some interesting hashtags to this photo. Is it just to get clicks? Or is there more?

Tell us what you think in the comments! 

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