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On with today's concepts!


Iauvas Liepaja Latvian Hockey League Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

I think this team could best be described as a team who took the Sens mascot and colours, rounded numbers and the side paneling similar to the 2006-08 ASG jerseys....and made it work. The red jersey especially does a better job than anything the Sens has done in using that colour scheme. The striping stuck between the piping works well on a Euro league jersey, and matches well to the arm stripes.
The only flaw comes from the white jersey's colour balancing. I think it would work better with red being the dominant secondary colour.

9/10 COTW NOM from me!

Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Concept (By: Lucas D.)

The Dimondbacks have one of my favourite identities in sports let along baseball, and their logo really works on other sports jerseys. I would argue this jersey does a better job working for the 2007-16 jerseys rather than the current, especially with colour scheme. The colour balancing are is really solid, and I like the way the striping ties in with the logo instead of just being a snake style pattern. the logo choices are solid but if you were going for the old D-Backs look, using the DB snake head logo would work a lot better. The racer numbers don't really work for me here as the team usually uses rounded numbers.


Bakersfield Condors Concepts (By: Ben S.)

Ben gives the Condors a similar update to their parent club, with some success. Obviously I am a huge fan of the addition of grey to the colour scheme as it differentiates the team from the Oilers. The white jersey I think is the best of them, and while I do think the team looks better with an orange home, a really solid blue home set could work here with the way the yoke stripes look. The alternate is pretty standard but I like how it is an homage to their parent club without being totally unoriginal since the primary logo does work. The largest issue with the orange jersey is the bleeding of the grey and white together. The other issue is the Oilers logo under the yoke, which isn't a bad idea, but I think I'd need to see the rest of the AHL with this to see if it worked


Lusi Jekabplis Latvian Hockey League Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

Imagine if the 90s Whalers, 90s North Stars and 90s Canucks mixed together and had a goat headed werewolf logo. I have to say I really like what we have here, again despite some colour balancing issues. The way the logo and grey cuffs/hem tie together along with the neon stripey hems look fantastic. The numbers are decent enough, but I might prefer rounded or more wide numbers. Also yeah, black cuffs and grey stripes may look better.


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Ben Shaffer said...

Lucas D's Diamondbacks for COTW.

You're in luck Jets, about half of my AHL series puts the NHL logo on the front.

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