Carolina Hurricanes Announce Whalers Tribute Night

In what is being consider to be the most surprising tribute in NHL history, the Carolina Hurricanes are paying their respect to their former identity, the beloved Hartford Whalers.

The jerseys themselves are not devoid of Hurricanes branding, but for a large part is based on the 1980s angled arm Ron Francis era green jerseys!

Photo from Carolina Hurricanes Official Twitter

In their video unveiling, complete with Brass Bonanza and VHS style lo-fi filter, we see new Hurricanes Captain Justin Williams sporting the beloved jersey. Specially this jersey best resembled the 1985-89/90-91 jerseys (for those who don't know the team straightened the arms for one season in 1989/90). The reason I say this is while the Whalers did wear the same striping pattern from 1979-90 minus one year, the greatest shoulder patch in hockey history, friend of HJC and beloved mascot of Hartford Puckie the Whale, is missing from the shoulders.

We are all deeply upset by this here at HJC, but the show must go on. The decision to forego Pucky does make sense, as the team was most successful on ice with these jerseys during their playoff rivalry with Montréal.

The jersey has one more hidden feature. One which some Whalers purists might find...disheartening...

Yes that is the Hurricanes signature hanger effect in Whalers colours...I'll let you make of that what you will.

Here are some HJC Opinions

Monday's New Mystery Writer - "Don’t get me wrong I’m glad to see the Whalers jersey back even for 1 game...but why they gotta do my boy Puckie like that damn"

Sean- "Missing the best part of these classics, still happy we get to see a hockey staple in Adizero"

BPoe- "what a cash cow this'll be"

Steve "What’s with this cash money thing?"

Justin- "Big fan of that hangar effect"

We will see these jerseys return on December 23rd against former regional rivals, the Boston Bruins.
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Anonymous said...

Would love to see that team back in CT!

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

They’re also going to wear these March 5 at Boston. That might be an opportunity for the Bruins to wear their presumed white Winter Classic jerseys again! Love to have these back!!!

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