Blue Jackets Bring Back Third Jerseys

The Columbus Blue Jackets have announced the return of their double blue canon third jerseys for the 2018-19 season.

The jerseys will be worn for 12 home games during the season. They are nearly identical to the Reebok Edge versions we last saw two years ago. Let's go over what's in and what's out...

What's In?
- Adizero template
- Adizero collar
- New style numbers and NOB font to match home & road jerseys
- New Adidas style perforated numbers

What's Out?
- Civil war style collar
- Reebok Edge template
- Square style numbers and NOB font

Reebok Edge version
The biggest change that I noticed immediately was the move to a standard Adidas collar. Gone is the very unique (and very cool) Civil War inspired collar. The next noticeable change comes in the numbers, where the Jackets will use the same font that was introduced last season with the Adizero jerseys.

With the way that Adidas lit their promo photos you could be lead to believe that the vintage white has been replaced by true white, however a video on the Blue Jackets' website confirms that the vintage white (or "cream" as Adidas calls it) will remain as part of the jersey.

Fanatics version

What do you guys think of this jersey coming back? Also preface your comments by letting us know if you're a Jackets fan. I personally think this is a great jersey and I love that they brought it back!
Blue Jackets Bring Back Third Jerseys Reviewed by Ryan on September 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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