Wednesday: Mid-week Mixup

Hi everybody. Steve covering for out beloved Wednesday writer Phil. This was on a bit of a short notice so let's just get right into Okay?

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Let's do it!

Brendan P- Vegas Golden Knights
Positives: I had to take a minute and laugh at this because it looks like the logo just soiled itself. Good job changing the negative space over to the Comic Sans V.
Negatives: I get that this is just a fun little thing to do but you could push this further. Make all the edges rounded. don't have completely straight lines. This is the kind of logo that is open to so many opportunities and I feel like you can make this truly into a Comic Sans Beauty.
Overall: 7/10

Burkus C- Tampa Bay Storm 
Positives: Fun Fact: the TB Storm are the oldest running team in the AFL. While that doesn't say a whole lot, these jerseys work really well into the identity. For the blue jersey, I really like that you stuck with the "Hurricane Football" logo on the chest with the white chest stripe accented by gold. Also, the white yoke really helps the blue jersey as well. As for the white, I like that you went with the text and that you decided not to combine do a reverse of the blue jersey, but make it a traditional style jersey with the really thick arm and hem stripe.
Negatives: Those italicized numbers, while fit well with the logo, don't go well on the hockey jersey. Also, the half collar is really bothersome. Make it solid gold with the blue on the inner part.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jay S- New York Jets 
Positives: The striping reminds me of the 90's NY Jets and I think it works well here. the design isn't over the top and works with the logo.
Negatives: The logo is where I have my issues. I feel that you could've chosen a better logo for the front of the jersey and (possibly) used that for the shoulders.
Overall: 7.75/10

Jordan R- Vilnius Iron Wolves 
Positives: Jordan you just so happened to get HJC's resident Lithuanian to grade this and, I must say, you did a really good job packing in the ties to Lithuania. For those of you who don't know, Lithuanians never gave into Russia's culture and were highly strong of their traditions so this identity is possibly the most Soviet Era Lithuanian design possible. The Iron Wolf name is fitting for the City. The National Colors of Lithuania (Not that black and red bull crap the national team uses today) are executed on the jersey well, and your little poster here is great overall.
Negatives: My only real negative is that logo. I get that it's time period specific but that logo is bad even for the time period. Take a little more time to make the logo and this would be perfect.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Okay folks that's all I got for ya. Come back tomorrow for more great concepts and if you'd like to contribute your designs to HJC, please send an email to concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you on Sunday!
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