Tuesday: Red, White, Blue, and Growlers, Too

Hi folks, it's Tuesday, it's HJC, so let's get started.

First, congratulations to our final four concept artists in the HJC Open. It's been exciting so far, as some pretty talented artists didn't make the cut, and now with a big upset in the first round of voting. Be sure to get your semi-final vote in before the deadline. Of course, don't pass up the Concept of the Week vote, either.

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Brendan P.- Montreal Canadiens (NHL Comic Sans)

Bpoe must have gotten really bored recently. This series was kind of funny at first. Now I'm getting annoyed.

Grade: Fun

Burkus C.- Washington Valor

Burkus continues his AFL crossover series. I like how this jersey goes well with logo; the stripes and stars were plucked right out of the logo. The full-length sleeve stripe gives the white jersey a needed splash of color, without trying to add in too much. The application isn't the greatest, however, as the minimalist, modern logo is set against a more traditional jersey layout. The stencil font also fits the military theme, without getting too in-your-face. It would be nice to see an equipment layout with this set, even if it's just the pants shell.

Grade: B+

Jay S.- Newfoundland Growlers

Jay gives us his take on the ECHL's newest club. I shared my thoughts last Tuesday, and I like the direction Jay goes in against the team's direction. This is more or less in the same vein, simple with a traditional bent. This complements the logo quite well, though my only nitpicking concern is for the yoke stripes to match the other stripes in thickness. The pants logo shouldn't have been the team's wordmark, as its completely illegible from anywhere in the stands. In the past I've shared concerns I've had with this template, namely seeing the hem visibility and lack of side view on the pants; I'm not sure how the pants are supposed to look. It looks like a single gold stripe (which would be better with a white stripe to match the rest of the design).

Grade: B

Jordan R.- Prague Lions

This has been one of my favorite series to review. I emphatically agree with my fellow writers in this idea and presentation. As for this specific team, this Rangers-eque look isn't my favorite. The design is top-heavy and creates an unbalanced look. Each jersey has a yoke and two stripes at the shoulders, a typical striping pattern at the sleeves, and just a colored lower hem. The colors seem imbalanced as well, especially on the blue jersey without a red stripe to complement the logo. The logo is well drawn, combining the Czech coat or arms with the influence of the Soviet overlords.

Grade: B-

My COTW nomination goes to Burkus C.'s Washington Valor. That's it for this week, keep your stick on the ice.
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