Thursday: An Off Day

Hello and welcome to a rare Thursday HJC post from me, Phil B, as life is getting a bit crazier as we get closer to hockey season. 24 days until Islanders-Flyers preseason at the Coliseum!

Special shout out to Blogger for making me write this post all over again because it wasn't able to save the first time around.

So on the heels of the NWHL's Minnesota Whitecaps rebranding, the CWHL's Boston Blades relocating to Worcester, and the New Jersey Devils unveiling their thirds, we want your creativity! A good old fashioned HJC redesign for the University of Michigan Wolverines.

In addition to that, if you have other ideas, don't forget to send them to our email, concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com.


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Burkus Circus: Hartford Whalers Concept

A brilliant idea that actually could be made better without the chest stripe. The white yoke is gorgeous and the sleeves complimenting it well makes the idea nearly perfect for the green jersey. The white jersey matches well with the stripe adjustment from light jersey base to dark. Give me a helmet and this is a full set that would work. Green helmet preferred so we can have green pants too. Otherwise go blue.

Rating: 89%

Dan H: Florida Panthers Concept

A nice idea that needs some help with execution. The template lines look very rough, so much so that you can still see red pixels along the template lines of the sleeve cuffs. The shoulder logo needs to be positioned so that the center of the logo lies on the edge of the template. Name and numbers are too big. Maybe add some white and gold on the hem? Even if you don't, cleaning up execution errors can help present this idea better.

Rating: 65%

Jay S: Seattle Seahawks (NFL) Concept

Probably the best logo you could've chosen for a hockey jersey. However given the Seahawks current jersey scheme, I think you're a bit too conservative with this design. They have a great jersey number font with a sublimated pattern inside it that I'd like to see here. That pattern also appears on the NFL uniform on the collar and the helmets, so I think you could find a way to incorporate it into the striping pattern on this jersey. The grey collar sticks out like a sore thumb because of the lack of grey on the jersey outside the logo. Great jersey that just doesn't fit the team's branding.

Rating: 78%

John E: Erie Otters (OHL) Concept

A nice, simple yet bold design choice for a fauxback look, between the chest striping, the vintage white that you see in the numbers, and the arched nameplate. The only things I'd change is either more yellow on the pants (or no stripe at all), and blue gloves. I get that the two shades of brown appear in the logo, but if the gear isn't all brown, one piece shouldn't be.

Rating: 87%

The Winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Thanks for reading today, and I'll see you Wednesday. Just keep in mind: Never grow up, because being an adult sucks.
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Ben Shaffer said...

Second for burkus's whalers.

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