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On to the concepts!
Burkus Circus.- Oakland Seals (NHL Defuncts)
For the next entry in his NHL defuncts series, Burkus takes a big swing in combining three identities for his Oakland Seals concept, taking inspiration from the Oakland's first look as well as the California Golden Seals' last look and adopting the color pallet of today's Dallas Stars. For those that don't know, Oakland and Dallas are actually connected in terms of NHL succession (Oakland was purchased and re-framed as the California Golden Seals who in turn became the Cleveland Barons in 1976. Two years later, the Barons went belly up, resulting in a merge with the Minnesota North Stars who found their way to Dallas in 1993), so this color adoption is a nice touch. That being said, I don't think the striping pattern merge is as successful. The beauty of the Golden Seals' arm hoops came in the simplicity of the rest of the sweater and that is simply lost here and, to be entirely honest, I don't have a quick suggestion to get it back. Maybe scrap the horizontal arm stripe as well as the top hem stripe to dial it back a bit and see where that takes you...

Overall Rating: 7.0/10
Though the Seals (eventually) became the Stars, this one is far from being a star in my book.

Dan H.Montreal Canadiens Alternate
The Canadiens are hard to design for. Plain and Simple. When you've got a team with that large of a following and that storied of a history, it's hard to overcome the design inertia that's been put in place. That being said, this is a beautiful alternate look for the Habs. As New Jersey showed on Tuesday, white alternates can really work. Here, Dan draws from the striping of the home jersey while moving the chest stripe to the hem and emphasizing blue over red to create a new look for the Canadiens. The Centennial C works well on the chest here, but I wish the TV numbers, NOB, and #OB were red with blue outlines. Not only would this match the front crest, but it would also help with color balance on what becomes a blue-heavy set once equipment is added to the fold. Make that one change and you've got a competition-ready look in my book

Overall Rating: 9.0/10
There are some who hab and some who hab not. Fortunately, this design just about Habs it all.

Jay S.- San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

Last week, I reviewed a 49ers set from Jay and gave him a hard time for its similarities to the original edge set of the Arizona Coyotes. This week, Jay blows it wide open with a look that could be for no other team. As I'm sure local black jersey aficionado Jets96 would attest, that black jersey is a thing of beauty. I'm a big fan of white-less looks and the 49ers color way fits the scheme about as good as anyone ever has. The red and gold are both light enough to stand out against the black and the red is dark enough to stand out against the gold just the same. One thing I would do though is beef the red stripe on the hem to match that of the arm, no reason for the inconsistency there. The gold jersey is solid as well (and makes sense for a team derivative of the California Gold Rush), though I think this is a case where using an identical striping pattern on both sets that looks different based on it's background could've really worked. I'm thinking old New Jersey style with two thin black stripes creating a gold stripe on the gold jersey beneath a thick red stripe. As is though, the look is still strong and I like the treatment of the rear chest stripe. Not something you always see and not something you always like, but I think the truncated stripe works here. 

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Just what the doctor ordered. Jay provides a fresh, never-before-seen look for his NFL crossover series 

Sook.- British Columbia Railway
Welcome, Sook! Don't think I've seen you around these parts before. Sook takes us outdoors to the Canadian Railway industry with a concept from the early days of BC rail. While relatively simple, I think this concept really works. It draws from the design of the early rail cars while promoting yellow into the striping over white for a more unique look. I think the biggest downfalls here come in the text, where the #OB needs to be larger for proper execution and the Chest logo leaves quite a bit to be desired. The Shoulder logo would make a much stronger primary in this application. Promote that to the chest and pop the BC from the current logo in white on the shoulders and I think you've vastly improved the look in a matter of seconds. Like I said, really like the design though, something I could very easily see working for the Australian national team after some quick logo swaps

Overall Rating: 8.0/10
A look for a railway up north that could easily work just as well for some benders down under.

That's all for today folks. 

This week's COTW Nomination heads to Dan's Montreal Canadiens Concept

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Ben Shaffer said...

Burkus's seals for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Burkus for COTW

TC Moore said...

COTW nom to JB's Habs puns on Dan's concept

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