Monday: Double Tigers, Lots of Wolverines

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Finally, let's get a look at some of the Wolverines Redesign entries that have come in so far for our Just For Fun Competition.

John E.

Brooks F.

Vaughn R.

TC Moore

Dan H.

U of Mich Competition Design Entries Due Friday, Aug 31st @ noon est
COTW Vote Aug 17-23rd ends Friday, Aug 31st @ noon EST

On with today's 4 concepts! 


Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (By: Dan H.)

One thing I love off the bat with this concept is outside the numbers, Dan makes good use of the blue on black look I think that really works for the Lightning. The striping is very simple, but it also seems to match the logo perfectly, as does the pant bolts. The numbers look pretty solid and help it stand out, but again we have an issue with the numbers looking different from the logos. The other issue comes from the inside of the collar, which should be the same colour as the other side of the yoke. 


Hamilton Tigers Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

While the Hamilton Tigers are unlikely to return on the ice, off the ice the near 100 year old identity continues to grow popularity, and if they ever did, this wold be a good start. The jerseys themselves resemble the 1991-92 Bruins throwbacks, and that 1941-42 Bruins yellow jersey and some sort of attempt to be like a Bulldogs/Frontenacs jersey. In short I think that because the Tigers have such a used colour scheme, it's hard to work with this without having SOME sort of comparison. The yellow jersey I think is the strongest, but as a set these work. The one issue I have is the colour balancing between the home and road, but I get why it works. 


Tampa Bay Tigers NWHL Expansion Concepts (By: Matt G.)

Starting with the logos here, this nails a Tiger logo to a T. The primary and alternate go together nicely, and I like the use of vintage white to give it that faux WW2 look, particularly with the palm tree leaves, and while its different enough the logos draw on two of the better Tiger logos in sports history, the old Detroit Tigers logos and Khabarovsk Amur! The alternate does the exact same and I like how that style Tiger logo that was popular in the mid 1920s can be used today.  As always the layout, presentation, and execution is fantastic. 


The jerseys are excellent as well. The home and road are have a solid vibe to them, with the tiger stripes hidden in the cuffs that blends that into the pants and skates pretty nicely. The rounded numbers actually work in the jerseys' favour, even the fauxback. The alternate is probably the best of the jerseys as the black and red contrast each other perfectly and the yoke stripes do a good job portraying that without getting that whole caution band look. The fauxback is very Rangers like, but it's really clean and I think it works. Great presentation and layout again, particularly making sure to put the NOB under the numbers like women's hockey teams usually do! 


COTW Nom from me! 

LRK Alytaus Feniksas Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

Jordan takes us to Lithuania with a team whose name roughly translates to Alytaus Phoenixes...Phoenixi....nevermind, they're the Phoenixes. The primary logo created here does a really solid blend of a bird and sword rising from flames dual meaning. I'm not sure if that's what Jordan was going for but that's what I see.  The jerseys are simple but one would imagine they would be covered in ads. The striping is really simple, but that works with the minimal black and yellow considering the logo is nothing but that. I really like the black numbers on the white jersey for some reason, but I think that completes the colour balancing. 



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TC Moore said...

I'll second Matt G.'s Tampa Tigers for COTW. She's a beaut

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