Blues Bring Back '67 Throwbacks in Adizero

To quote the St. Louis Blues themselves...

"Sometimes, there's just no need to mess with an original."

While the team has worn relatively the same jerseys since 1998, the original jerseys worn from 1967-73 have been the only jerseys brought back. We saw both the home and road in 2003-04 for the NHL Vintage games, and the road in 2017 for the Winter Classic

This jersey has now returned again in Adizero form to become the highly anticipated and slightly predictable new third jersey for the team named for a jazz standard.

Photo from nhl.com
To call this an alternate would be incorrect, as the Blues themselves say they will be only worn for 11 Saturday night home games. Honestly, I like when teams do this, as it gives the jerseys meaning and keeps the whole "Saturday Night Is Hockey Night" thing alive. The jersey itself is extremely similar to the 2017 Winter Classic jersey, with a few exceptions. For one the logo and numbers are no longer felt. The collar goes from the ribbed Edge heritage style collar to the usual Adidas collar that is actually closer to the original. While not shown in this graphic, the St. Louis flag hanger effect is included to tie the whole set together. For those who don't know, this jersey contains no actual white and the white is in fact off vintage white, even on the gloves.

Some HJC Writer thoughts

Ben S. -"Is it a coincidence that almost every team has done a retro design and named it their Heritage Jersey?"
TC- "I mean I don’t hate the idea of heritage jerseys, but at least throw in another alt so there’s something fresh"
BPoe- "I would be okay with (What Ben said) that if it means we get more jerseys"

Post your thoughts below! 
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