Wednesday: Deja Vu All Over Again

As the summer drags on, I welcome you to another Wednesday here at HJC. Some personal news, I will be heading to Chicago in August, as my birthday falls in the week where two New York teams will be travelling to Chicago, specifically two of my teams: the Yankees and the Red Bulls. Yankees play the Sox at the beginning of the week and the Red Bulls play that Saturday against the Fire.

Of course I plan to visit the United Center and Wrigley Field during the time I'm there, which is Tuesday the 7th through Sunday the 12th, so if anyone is interested in meeting up, let me know. I'm pretty open schedule-wise in the day time, so let me know, though going to the bar with my friends from the Chicago Fire is not a bad alternative.

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Liam A: Nashville Predators Concept

I reviewed this two weeks ago. If you want to read that then be my guest because I'm not posting it here again. I understand though if it's an honest mistake because when you're sifting through your files and you have so many that you haven't necessarily sent in yet, sometimes things like this happen. Don't worry, just be more careful (and read the blog daily).

Rating: 50% last time. No changes.

TC Moore: Buffalo Sabres Concept

TC provides us with a quality Sabres set that has a retro feel, but with a modern design element that gives each jersey it's own life. The home blues have two sets of three stripes, basically an inverse of the Winter Classic jerseys we saw at Citi Field. Classic and gorgeous. The yellow is barely distinct enough to stand against white so I'll pass that. The white jersey is identical in pattern to the blue but looks completely different. The difference in the two is that the body, yoke and sleeves below the striping are now white. I love when this idea is executed well. The "Buffalo" wordmark on the inside of the collar is a nice touch.

Rating: 98%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Last week I mentioned that there weren't enough concepts to nominate one, and today there was basically one concept that I reviewed. I decided later on that it isn't fair to those who work hard on quality concepts when there are many people that read this for entertainment that are either currently working on something, or just read to enjoy and relax. Regardless, that doesn't change my position here that we need you readers to send us stuff, no wonder how bad they may be. This blog lives because of our readers. We thank you all that have sent stuff in, and we thank you that are working on things to send in.

This blog has also been a way for graphic designers to launch their careers and land jobs in the world of sports. Last year, an old writer and contributor interned for the NWHL's Buffalo Beauts. He designed many images for the team, as well as their 2016-17 Isobel Cup Championship Banner. We have also had contributions from an artist who went on to design an entire team's identity, the Springfield Thunderbirds of the AHL. Who knows where this could take you. Even if you don't plan on getting into graphic design for a career, this is a nice outlet to combine your passion for hockey with unleashing your creativity. It's worked for me. So send stuff in. I have a WNBA crossover in the works, so stay tuned. See you next week.

And keep your eyes peeled for Saturday when the Ducks unveil their alternate jersey!
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Ben Shaffer said...

I'll second TC's Sabres.

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