Wednesday: Comic Relief

Hello everyone and welcome to a crazy Wednesday here at HJC. Crazy because I got out of work late and crazy because we have two logo concepts that I don't think I can rate but would rather enjoy them for what they are.

DUCKS ALTERNATE JERSEY: I get the idea of this jersey. This is obviously not a direct throwback. It's a new jersey and one that combines elements from all 25 years in Ducks history, while making something completely new. The yoke is new, a bit Bruins-esque but nice nonetheless, since the jade works very well with the black base. The striping is a throwback to the classic Mighty Ducks jerseys. The logo has orange sticks because that's part of the current color scheme. The only issue I have is the use of two dark colors in a prominent manner, and that's the black vs. the eggplant. I get why they did it, but I would not have minded if they chose one over the other.

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Brendan P: Anaheim Ducks Comic Sans Logo Concept

Let's enjoy these for what they are: an attempt to have some fun with logos and one of the most ridiculed fonts in the world: Comic Sans. The webbing is the only change here so I don't think this logo works as well as the next one. Not rating them because they aren't necessarily that creative, especially this one.

Brendan P: Washington Capitals Comic Sans Logo Concept

A logo based mostly on text works well with this idea, as there's a lot more to work with than, say, a duck foot. I can't wait for more from this series because it looks like fun.

Dan H: 2019 Winter Classic Concept

I think this is Dan's first entry here at HJC so welcome. This is good for a first attempt, and a concept I'd like to see this upcoming winter. The only thing I will recommend is to polish it a bit. The template itself looks a little rough, so if you can find the original file for this template and download it (I believe it's on a site that shall remain nameless for branding's sake), then you should be in a better starting position. Next, notice how while the striping overlaps the template lines properly on the Blackhawks jersey, the black that separates the stripes still has template lines. I would eliminate them. Same with the template lines on the pants that appear on the striping. The hem striping on the Bruins jersey seems out of proportion as the template turns upward towards each side of the jersey. The logo has two different shades of black, with the roundel's black a shade lighter than the head and the rest of the jersey. Finally, the shoulder logos have loose pixels from the outline, coming directly off a white background.

Rating: 65%, 95 with improved execution.

TC Moore: Arizona Coyotes Concept

I'm a sucker for white shoulders. Sand shoulders are no different. This is a good, clean and unique way for the Coyotes to include black in their jersey striping, while keeping the brick red dominant on both sets of jersey striping. A set that looks more traditional and cleaner than their current set, while keeping uniqueness. Only thing I'd change is red pants.

Rating: 92%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That does it here. Thank you to those who have sent in concepts today and thank you to those waiting patiently for theirs to be posted. As you wait, if you have another idea that strikes you, make it! That way you can appear on the blog more. Don't forget to listen to the Jersey Nerds Podcast! See you next week!
Wednesday: Comic Relief Reviewed by Unknown on July 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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Ben Shaffer said...

I'll second TC's Coyotes.

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