Tuesday: Freedom Day Eve

Hi folks, welcome back to HJC for the Tuesday post. I'm sure we're all sick of hearing about the first day of Free Agent signing (or at least the Leafs), so let's skip the hockey world news and go straight to HJC content.

First, today is Day 2 of the Pairs Competition. Up today is William B. and Vaughn R., who've created a University Classic featuring Simon Fraser, UBC, and the University of Minnesota. Check it out here:


Next, there's only one vote, plus a new podcast, and the annual HJC Open will be happening soon, so be sure to check back when the dates are set.

COTW June 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
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HJC Open (coming soon!)

FC M.- Team Ireland

Today's first concept is for Team Ireland. This has no shortage of references to the Emerald Isle, so it's good that this set would be easily identifiable on the ice. The colors and logo choice was terrific, though the shield outline around the harp on the green jersey is far too thin to distinguish the shield from the background. The subtle shamrocks in the stripes add a great touch without going overboard, but the placement against the text/logo wouldn't work as well when worn; I believe part of the shamrocks would be in the "no shown zone" when the jersey wraps around a body. I like the font of the back numbers, but wish the other texts on the jersey had it as well.

Grade: B-

Jay S.- Tulsa Oilers

Jay sends in a full set for the Tulsa Oilers of the ECHL. This template is not a good show for this design. As with past sets from Jay, the hem is very hard to see, and on this set, how the sleeve attaches to the body is hard tell, though I believe it's the same as the current Arizona Coyotes' jerseys. The logo selection and color is handled well, though the grey stripes on the alternate blue jersey are nearly hidden against the white stripe, and the blue pants are far too dark. It should be the same as the rest of the blue in the set, or just slightly darker to keep the alternate set from looking like a onesie. The shoulder on alternate isn't going to create the effect it wants to; from the stands, the oil drops wouldn't be visible at all. The slight color change would also cause the yoke to look darker than it actually is, not matching the rest of the jersey.

Grade: C-

Lucas D.- Los Angeles Galaxy

Lucas continues his crossover MLS series. The Charlestown Chiefs-esque stripes makes for a simple design that fits the brand of this team, and the theme was carried throughout most of it well. The collar seems to throw the theme, however. The light blue pentagon jumps out more than it should, I feel, and the logo within is far too small to distinguish from anywhere but up close. Similar to Jay's silver stripe, Lucas's light blue stripe is almost illegible here. I usually don't like blank pants, but actually, I'm on board with this application. It goes with the more simple theme, and it keeps all the stripes horizontal, adding to the consistency. Lucas's execution is characteristically near spotless, although the TV numbers are a touch too small here. 

Grade: B-

That's it for today. To my fellow Americans, enjoy your Freedom Day, and for all of you, keep your stick on the ice.
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