Sunday: The Worst Font Known to Man

Hi everybody. Steve here with another great Sunday post. The third jerseys have been coming in steadily throughout the summer and Philly has been the most recent team to show off what there 2017 Stadium series jersey looks like with the Adidas treatment and, as I said when they first came out, I'm still not a fan of the design.

In website related news, the Elite 8 of the HJC Open have been determined and need to get their concepts in by noon on Monday. Also, don't forget about our usual COTW voting and the Jersey Nerd Podcast.

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Onto the concepts!

Adam G- Ottawa Senators
Positives: Oh boy this design! In all seriousness though this design wasn't half bad for it's time period and I wish that they made a white version to go with it instead of using the original white jersey. Anyways, the design copied over pretty well and the 3/4 facing senator logo looks really good with it. Also, the white on the collar is a nice addition.
Negatives: My negatives with this is that it's not that creative. It's one of those "What if they updated a previous design and put it on the new template" type designs that, while do look nice, don't show the creativity that you have as a person Adam and that's what we want to see. Also, make the black outline on the numbers slightly thicker.
Overall: 6.5/10

Brendan P- Philadelphia Flyers 
Positives: so fun fact as to why Comic Sans is universally hated by most people: They hate that it doesn't fit a serious, computer-like type that we're use to. As humans, we expect anything typed to be precise and perfect, not something that looks like it was written by a five-year-old. Moving on, I love the idea of the series because it's what, essentially, a child would do if they looked at the Flyers' logo and drew it. the ovular shape of the P with the rigid lines that make up the wings really help it.
Negatives: I may be straying away from our writers' code of conduct here but this is deliberately breaking a cardinal rule of our concept world and that is "never desecrate a team's logo." However, I must judge you on the logo itself so you've put me in a bind.
Overall: 7/10 Due to the deliberate design choice

Brendan P- Toronto Maple Leafs
Positives: First off, I'm surprised this got past Ryan being that it insults his beloved Maple Leafs, Second, It was a wise choice using the font itself within the logo.
Negatives: This one feels a little lazy compared to what you did for the Flyers. You could've gone further by making the leaf asymmetrical with mostly rounded points and made the lettering thicker to look slightly more authentic.
Overall: 6/10

TC Moore- St. Louis Blues 
Positives: What really works for this is that you were able to successfully put together two eras of the Blues' identity. The thin multi-striping from the 90's "Red Era" looks really great on the jersey with the yellow numbers and the navy cuffs and hem. The color balance overall is almost perfect. Also, using the alternate from the Edge 2.0 era works really well on the shoulders. A lot of people say that it's an outdated logo but it works great for St. Louis as a shoulder patch. As for the Alternate, Great job making a yellow version of the original 70's white design.
Negatives: The reason why I said "almost perfect" is because, upon close inspection, you have some yellow on white issues. while the white on the yellow numbers may be small, the navy next to the yellow doesn't hide that. However, the surrounding yellow on the jersey doesn't give that off at first glance so good job. As for the alternate, the yellow base and lighter blue is a really bold design choice and that's not a good thing. Tone down the yellow with some more blue and it'll look perfect.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Okay kids that's what I have for ya. Come back next week for some more great concepts that I know all of you have been working on for us to see. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys next week!
Sunday: The Worst Font Known to Man Reviewed by Steve Marc on July 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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