Sunday: Globe setting

Good afternoon everyone. Steve here with another great Sunday post! There hasn't been a whole lot that has gone on lately (except the pairs comp and the preparation for the HJC Open) so let's dive right into it!

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Okay let's do this

Dylan T- New York Islanders Military Appreciation
Positives: The nice thing about this jersey is that fact that you leave the camouflage to half of the sleeves and the collar and really let the beige take over. It really helps to draw your attention to the crest first then let your eye go around the design and see the details. Also, way to remember the USA flag on the jersey.
Negatives: Military jerseys are hard to do and, honestly, this one falls a little flat. The black and white striping do not make much with the camouflage pattern. I'd make them that green color you have on the collar. Also, as I've told you before, if you didn't make the template please refrain from adding your logo to the design and keep it to the background.
Overall: 7.5/10

John E- Ottawa Senators  
Positives: The side profile centurion logo looks really good on the front of the jersey. Also, the traditional striping on the jersey slightly reminds me of the first jerseys the team wore in the 90's but with gold striping added in that makes it look really good. I like the numbers on he jersey as well. It's a nice take on the senators current numbers.
Negatives: Not many negatives here. I am disappointed that you just put the Centurion pattern on the pants instead of leaving them all black or making a stripping pattern to it. It just seems to be floating out there. Also, this is something that's been done numerous times at HJC and, quite frankly, the Senators have become one of the easy "easy outs" for doing a concept and I'd like to see this with a more unique striping pattern.
Overall: 8/10.

Lucas D- Montreal Impact
Positives: I like that you were able to incorporate the vertical Black and Royal Blue striping that the Impact are known for using on there kits and these jersey and the silver piping really brings it together.
Negatives: It would be nice to see you make the collar black instead of matching blue with the sleeves and tie it even more towards the soccer kit. Also, the hem on the white jersey is nice but the what cuff really sticks out, and not in a good way.
Overall: 7.5/10

Matt G- South Korea 
Positives: With south Korea becoming a much more prominent National hockey team, the jerseys Nike made for them were Okay. These jerseys do more justice for the country than what Nike did. I really like how minimal that chest stripe is with the logo on the front but having the thin striping on the entire jersey, similar to a soccer jersey or what Italy has done in the past, works great on both jerseys and really gives it that hidden design characteristic that you won't see from a distance.
Negatives: The numbers are really bothersome. I get that you're trying to make them match the hand writing of the Asian languages but it just feels out of place here.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Alright folks that's all I got for ya today. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you all this time next week!
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TC Moore said...

I'll second the South Korea

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