Monday: Orange, Red, White, and Blue

Welcome to the Monday post!

The concept well is running a little bit dry here folks! This tends to happen around the HJC Open, but we need fresh concepts to keep the blog alive and running all year 'round, not just when there's hockey. So please send in your concepts!

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Let's jump right into the concepts!


Coquitlam Express BCHL Concept (By: Adam G.)

While this team has one of the better logos in the BC Junior league, its colour scheme is one used by two NHL teams, making it difficult to avoid copying these teams in one way or another. The best way Adam found to do this was not using any white on the jersey, and I really like this. The striping itself is pretty simple but solid. I think the man difference between this and another Pittsburgh style design is the thickness of both stripes and how it blends well with the yoke. Execution is solid, but the numbers might crowd the namebar a bit


New England Revolution MLS Crossover Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

Oh boy, this team looks like they made their logo in 2002 for that year's World Cup, got a life extension through the 100 emoji, and yet I really think Lucas saved it again on a hockey jersey. The striping is fantastic, matching the logo perfectly. The numbers also match the logo and striping perfectly. The non-chalky style yokes and hem stripes are perfect as is, and keep things relatively realistic to what an American flag logo team would wear. Execution has a couple problems, like the logo on the white helmet, lack of blue on the white socks, and the numbers too close to the namebar.


Team USA Concepts (By: Dan H.)

Yes I put these concepts back to back for a reason because this style works really well for team USA. Here Dan uses a lot of the same cues Lucas does in drawing on the logo in the striping and colour scheme. The white yoke on the navy jersey to me doesn't add much, and yet a navy yoke would add so much to the white jersey. I would actually prefer a red yoke on the navy jersey. The pant striping, while clearly supposed to be Rangers style, it looks like it was pressed right on top, like an inverse sublimation. The USA patch on the shoulders are fine, but a simple pair of stars would work better. Furthermore the numbers on the back of the white jersey are much too elongated. Other execution errors include the namebar bing too small and a lack of helmet logos.


New York Islanders Concept (By: Dylan T.)

Oh here we go, an Islander orange Adidas concept I actually really like! If the team unveiled something as bright and simple as this, I'd be happy. The NY logo looks great in its proper colour scheme, and the matching font on the back also looks pretty solid without being too uniform. The addition of the two orange strips on the Adidas collar I think is another great example of this collar style being used properly, playing off the blue yoke really well and even using the pentagon in a way I like. Small execution not the shoulder patch might be a little too big, and while not execution I'm never really a fan of one patching it! 

9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

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Unknown said...

That logo (albeit modified with a puck) is the only original MLS logo that has not changed since 1996.

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