Monday: Double Three Lions

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To describe the Jets free agent performance is pointless, because they haven't really made a splash. Signing Laurent Brossoit is a solid move to pick up a young goaltender, another young goaltender. Between Hellebuyck, Comrie, and Brossoit, they're set! He's a massive pick up over Michael Hutchinson, who was signed away to Florida to likely back of Reimer once Luongo retires. The Pail Statsny loss is pretty substantial, however there are so many players in the Winnipeg Jets farm system, that are fighting for NHL spots like Marko Dano, Brendan Lemieux, Sami Niku, Tucker Poolman etc. Guys like Enstrom, Hutchinson, and yes, even Statsny had their respective roles but ultimately could be replaced by guys with years of potential that would otherwise go wasted.

Other moves that surprised/intrigued me:

Zach Fucale- VGK: Another young goalie to Vegas, clearly they're building along side Dansk & Legace, but not sure if Fucale is of that calibre. He was clearly outplayed in MTL by Charlie Lindgren, but other teams might have been more suitable for him

James Neal- CGY: For a team with so many young players, this is a player type they desperately need, also despite me and Neal having our...differences, I still prefer Calgary to Edmonton 100%

Jonathan Bernier- DET: It's amazing that the Red Wings are still riding the ageless wonder that is Jimmy Howard, and Jared Coreau doesn't appear NHL ready. After a solid season it seems Bernier gets another 1B NHL job

Michael Grabner- ARZ: This team is getting good, and adding a solid 2nd line contributor honestly puts the Coyotes not only back into relevancy coupled with the Galchenyuck trade, but to the point where I see them competing like New Jersey did last season

Scott Wedgewood/Carter Hutton- BUF: Getting the Ryan O'Rielly deal to tip in their favour was a good start, but clearly the Sabres are learning that while Robyn Lehner is the guy to go with, having a 2 goalie system for the time being is best

Anton Khudobin- DAL: Finally Bishop gets a solid back up

John Tavares- TOR: Holy hell, they did it to em.

What's your favourite free agent signing? Who do you think your team should sign? Why did Montréal give Winnipeg cap room with that stupid Steve Mason trade?


We have another teaser added to the teaser post from JJ & Dylan T. Apologies for not posting that originally, but here it is!


Today's full presentation is from BurkusCircus & Noah B. taking on the 2019 Centennial Classic and features two games. It's worth a look and you'll a lot about it, particularly all our Minnesota & Wisconsin readers!


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On with today's concepts!


Team England Concepts (By: FC Macbeth)

Another World Cup crossover concept, this time from FC< and here we see it's inspired by their 1982  kits dubbed the Admiral Kits due to the shoulders resembling that of a British naval admiral. This design translates very well to hockey. The whit jersey in particular I think capture's England's more recent designs, especially the ones I remember growing up with (1998, 2002, 2006 etc.) The red jersey isn't bad by any means, I've put never been a big fan of England red jerseys that use more blue than white, they feel pretty dated. My only complaint comes with the flags on the back of the collar, but id this is part of a continuing series, ti works. Furthermore on the white kit, the red gloves stand out too much.


Team England Concepts (By: Matt G.)

Moving into the modern English team and yes, this is what we've come to expect from the three lions in the past 3 World Cups. The sublimated grey and darker red stripes look pretty solid, as do the thin stripes on top of the other ones. The same issue with blue gear, particularly the helmet, on the red kit is kind of interesting but again, I prefer white, even in hockey. The white poppy patch looks awesome, but it would stand out much more on the white jersey if the numbers were red. Execution is fantastic and as is the presentation!


Rapid City Rush ECHL Concepts (By: Jay S.)

Rapid City has one of the best logo sets in the ECHL, but some of the worst jerseys. Their best jersey in recent years has been their Phoenix Coyotes 3rd jersey copies. These I think would be a fantastic update. First of all ROUND NUMBERS! The best thing about these is how much the numbers not stand out and match the logo. Even the white numbers on the red jersey that don't necessarily match up with the logo directly but rather the striping. The slight curves to the arm stripes and hem also add to it. Furthermore the colours are really well balanced, particularly the white collar on the black yoke of the red jersey, that's really sharp!

9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Columbus Crew MLS Crossover Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

This team was supposed to relocate to Austin, TX, but that's on hold so we'll call them Columbus! This team has a really solid logo set and a really solid gimmick with the checkerboard pattern, and that translate well to hockey striping. The string is simple enough, again it's one of those jerseys where the striping patterns are the same pattern on both jerseys. There should be a shoulder patch on this, but not sure what logo to use there? Maybe their old primary or something along those lines, point is, blank shoulders hurt a plain jersey.

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