Wednesday: Ovi's Drunk Again

Wednesday again, which means me again. Hope you're not hungover from the parade yesterday. Alex Ovechkin probably isn't though, because I don't think he's stopped drinking. If anything, he's earned the right to. He's finally won a cup and I couldn't be happier for him. His team? Not so much, unless they replace the Dale Hunter #32 banner with this new banner they'll raise next year.

Speaking of Ovi, at the beginning of the season he said something to his team that he shared with the fans at the parade. A sentiment that I will share with you on behalf of HJC, because we feel that this applies to us as well:


Or we'll at least try.

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Burkus Circus: 2019 All-Star Game Concept

The cool thing about this set is that all 4 jerseys have the exact same pattern with the exact same collar, which works everywhere except the black jersey. Unfortunately, The color balance is off, especially with the sleeves being completely filled with color and the hem not keeping that balance the sleeves force onto each jersey. The division names on the rear hem is a nice touch. It would be a cool touch to recolor the NHL logo to fit within the color set you use, something the NHL should consider for future jerseys.

Rating: 75%

Burkus Circus: New York Islanders Concept

Oftentimes when we see an Islanders concept here, the artist (myself included on occasion) tries to incorporate the four stripes patch from their navy post-fisherman sets into actual jersey striping, and this is no different. This also reminds me a lot of the 2014 Stadium Series, and that is the goal that Burkus Circus had in mind. This template works well for that, considering the stitching lines along the sleeves. The cool thing the Stadium Series jersey had was numbers that sat parallel to the striping, something I think would be a healthy addition here. Recoloring the logo to get rid of the chrome was a smart idea, as was putting the four stripes in the logo. Not a fan of how the chest striping makes the logo look a bit awkward, though would the NY logo from the Brooklyn alternates work better? Personally I have never been a fan of slanted striping on the socks. That would work fine leveled out, similar to the stadium series set. Two stripes on the pants works.

Rating: 79%

Dan H: Hamilton College Continentals (NCAA Div. III) Concept

While I'm a sucker for white shoulder yokes, This Hamilton College concept (HC based out of Clinton, NY), doesn't do it for me. Currently they use recolored Canadiens jerseys with a primarily blue chest stripe outlined in gold on a white body. The blue jerseys they have are Panthers copies with a white chest stripe outlined in gold that does not go around the body. Here Dan (without using ID....) makes the sets match. Good choice on the white jersey using gold on the inside of the stripe. I think it works well having gold as the secondary color on the blue jersey as well, but I'm not sure about the shoulder yoke, just because of the color balance. You have white and gold fighting for attention. Simple, yet solid set that I would like to see out there with that one change on the shoulders.

Rating: 83%

Taylor R: Union College Dutchmen (NCAA) Concept

Union College, also in upstate New York (though most of New York is "upstate". Fight me. Anything north of NYC is upstate. Then there's the city, then Long Island, then Staten Island because nobody cares about Staten Island), has a nice set of uniforms that they got rid of in favor of lesser quality jerseys that somehow make the Coyotes look good. Here Taylor returns them to normalcy, but adds a sleeve-length yoke that stops just shy of the striping, leaving the distance between the yoke and the striping equal to that of the separation between the stripes themselves. The only thing about that is that the separation gets lost on the dark jersey just because of the maroon and black being too close together in color. Otherwise this is a great set. Simple yet modern and different.

Rating: 87%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That does it for another Wednesday here at HJC. Keep it here for all of the jersey leaks and teasers coming out in the next few days. We'll have news stories coming out shortly for all of these alternates that will be released, including the Hurricanes' jersey teased this morning. Stay tuned and I'll see you next week, hopefully sooner if I get news.
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winnipegjets96 said...

Despite it not being black, Burkus's Isles concept for COTW

TC Moore said...

I'll second TRoy's Union College for COTW

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