Wednesday: Almost Draft Day

Welcome to another Wednesday here at HJC. We are excited here because not only is it #LouSZN on Long Island, but with the NHL Draft coming up on Friday, we have a few jersey releases that are scheduled, in addition to other jerseys we are anticipating, mainly from Anaheim, though I'm attempting to pursue information from the Islanders. The Islanders are holding a draft party at Nassau Coliseum, errr, NYCB Live, which I will be attending. It's a little too late to get a press pass for this event, but regardless I will live tweet the event. Watch this space, as we will have full draft day coverage here on HJC and on our twitter account @HockeyJC. We will let you know closer to draft day whether or not the live tweeting, however, will be on my account or the blog's account.

COMPETITION: The Pairs Comp ends this Friday! Get your entries in by noon! I can't wait to see what we get in this year.

SATURDAY: We will be giving you a special concept post on SATURDAY for the first time in a long time, in addition to our normal Saturday HJC Rundown. Yeah, I know we didn't get a post Monday, but now that computer issues are solved, we are making it up to you with that. You're welcome.

MAILBAG: With the next podcast coming out this upcoming Monday, we need more Mailbag questions before we can record. The HJC Mailbag is one of the best segments of the podcast because it's arguably the least serious portion of the podcast. So send in your questions, as ridiculous as they may be.


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Anthony C: Anaheim Ducks Concept

A tamed version of the original eggplant and jade jerseys combined with the current color scheme. Possibly based on a prediction of the rumored Ducks alternate we may be seeing Friday. I'd be very content if the black jersey is what they unveil for that. It's a simple jersey, kind of boring if you ask me, but realistic, possibly moreso than we think, though with gold instead of silver, which leads me to believe the actual one would have the primary logo used as a shoulder patch. Maybe ditch the pant striping, as it doesn't match the striping.

Rating: 85%

Burkus Circus: New Jersey Devils Concept

An idea similar to one I had back on February 8th. I'm not sure if this improves it by making green the dominant of the two secondary colors. We see more of this with the number trim, never mind the blatantly green yoke. Thinning out the striping was a wise move in comparison. Not sold on the extra white on the bottom of the jersey, the cuffs and the collar. Template note: the striping on ALL AdiZero jerseys follows the direction of the hem lines, so that it appears curved downward when laid flat. That logo is also too high.

Rating: 70%

Burkus Circus: San Jose Sharks Concept

I'll say it again: I'm a sucker for white shoulder yokes, but only when done right. I don't think it's possible to do it right on a black jersey, like we see here. The logo choice is nice for a third jersey, something that connects more to the city than the nickname, which is nice. The hem pattern looks weird when paired with the arms and socks. The pants could use that thin orange trim to better match the set. Not sold on the Coyotes jersey font, because of how thin it is in comparison to traditional block font they normally use, it limits the white available to balance out the white yoke.

Rating: 75%

Matt G: Egypt (FIFA World Cup) Concept

The Pharaohs have arguably the coolest nickname in the World Cup this year, if not second to "Die Mannschaft" (Germany - The Team) out of the authority of the name. Yet their World Cup kits aren't terribly exciting. The red one has a nice sublimated checkerboard pattern (Columbus Crew SC of MLS have the same style but in black), but the white one is boring with thin white sublimated horizontal stripes. I love this logo idea, and it works beautifully on both of these jersey. The yellow striping helps liven up the jersey, although it blends into the white base color of the away jersey (Yellow on white syndrome). The black yoke on the white is not a bad option to differentiate the two jerseys. I can't wait for the rest in this series, especially the United Sta....... oh....

Rating: 89%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



Big day coming up Friday, so stay tuned here for all of your jersey news from Arizona, Carolina, maybe Anaheim, coming live from Uniondale, Long Island, in addition to other news contributions from our great staff of writers. See you all Friday and then again next Wednesday! 
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