Tuesday: 2 Sets, 3 Alternates

Hi folks, welcome back to HJC for the Tuesday post. Today is somewhat of a calm before the storm, with only teasers to talk of right now. At the draft, however, we're going to see a whole lot. A whole lot. The big news we're waiting for is undoubtedly Adidas's first crack at third jerseys. The Coyotes, Hurricanes, and Islanders will or could have their third jersey revealed at their respective draft parties.

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On with today's concepts


Wichita Thunder ECHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

Thank you for putting this concept all one image, it really helps with presentation. One thing you can't fault the Thunder on is their colour scheme, which takes the double blue and uses my favourite colour, black! The striping here is great, I like the slight differences between the two, and here the lack of blue in the white striping help.  The biggest issue is the plainness. The lack of a shoulder patch really hurts, especially the white jersey, and since the team has a solid shoulder patch I see no reason not to include it. Also ECHL jerseys are CCM branded and therefore needs the CCM logo on the chest to be fully accurate.


Robert Morris University Colonials Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

To say the striping on this jersey works with the logo is an understatement, I mean wow! The red shoulders on the white jersey in particular really works well here. The font does the same thing, and overall these jerseys are distinctly Robert Morris. I'm not a huge fan with the jerseys having identical patterns on both jerseys, right down to the hem stripes, similarly to Pittsburgh changing the hem stripe it would help make it more distinct. Furthermore the numbers could use some red


Washington Capitals Concept (By: Burkus Circus)

I like the caption, and overall like this concept. It reminds me of what the Caps SS jersey could have been had they not gone for a distant look. By that I mean this jersey is more refined and would work full time while the actually SS jersey is meant to be viewed from a distance (granted it has really grown on me and might actually make a decent alternate). The colour balancing is pretty solid, but the lack of the pentagon pattern really puts the numbers, and using the current SS numbers and adding red to the numbers would help. However, overall, the blue and white with spots of red really works for the Caps!


Brandon Wheat Kings Concept (By: Anthony C.)

I love this logo, having a jersey with it on it the stitching in the wheat bushel looking incredible. The striping here is Pens inspired, but is absolutely fantastic on the arms. The way the 4 stripe pattern is split up between the hem and yoke is unique but not something I really love, I'd prefer no yoke stripe and 4 hem stripes. The recolouring of the logo is okay but wheat isn't white, it's closer to yellow. Furthermore it would be nice to see that wheat pattern the team wore in the early 2000s would look amazing.


Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: Burkus Circus)

I love the idea of the Golden Knights using a Wrangles inspired jersey. The shoulder patch really works here as a primary, with lots of white and black and about equal red and gold really works here as well. Bringing in the extended namebar around the yoke from the 2016 ASG jersey is a nice idea to see on a jersey used full time. The stars on the arms look nice but I would have liked to se the casino chip numbers as shoulder patches.


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