Thursday: Justin: Fresh Concepts

Welcome to the Thursday post, Jets96 filling in!

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On with today's concepts!


Blainville-Boisbriand Armada Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

Arguably one of the most successful teams in the LMJHQ in the past 5 years, the Armada are my favourite team that isn't the Mooseheads, even seeing a game of their's in Blainville, QC two winters ago against Val D'or. Their jerseys are highly simplified, with one solid chest stripe, one solid pair of arm stripes, a shoulder patch and primary logo with a unique curved font. These improve in several ways, such as adding the two thinner stripes to think out the chest stripe and the addition of the hem stripe. While the striping is better, the lack of a shoulder patch hurts these jerseys, and the blockier font isn't great either compared to the rounded logo. Finally I do wish these sets were placed on one image together makes them easier to review!


Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: BurkusCircus)

Despite the fact that I quite like the NHL100 Montréal jerseys, this is much too plain for my taste. I think this is supposed to be a more blue version of the WHA away with thinner stripes and no yoke, but without those weirdly coloured WHA logos, there's not much here, literally! It's well executed, but not seeing the probably blue or maybe white helmet, this doesn't do much for me. I think at least adding a shoulder patch should help, but again, I think a WHA based jersey would work better


Mercyhurst Lakers NCCA Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

Wow, for an identity I am not really a fan of, and a colour scheme I really think deserved to go 15 yeas ago, this really works. I do like that the darkened turquoise is the main colour of the jersey, with navy used sparingly, and lots of white to keep th jersey from being too dark. The stripes within stripes is a nice idea, it adds to what otherwise is a solid Kings copy. The Stars styled numbers look fantastic with the logo, as does the simple academic M logo. The one thing I would do is add some white to the navy and green pants.

9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: BurkusCircus)

Now this I really like! While I do prefer the 2016 Stadium Series D logo, this D shield looks really solid with the double outline. The jersey is clearly vintage styled, but it has a modern vibe that holds to the modern Red Wings, similar to their Centennial Classic jerseys or 2014 WC jersey. The shoulder patch isn't really necessary, mainly because of the red appearing lighter due to the amount of white details of the wing. Again would be nice to see the helmet, and I would like to see how this would look in vintage gear (ie: beige or canvas gear)

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