Sunday: That Feeling You Get

Hello everyone. Welcome back to HJC. The main news in Hockey this Sunday is the Capitals winning there first Stanley Cup and, as a Penguins fan, I really want to hate that. However, I can’t find myself to do so and Ill explain why in the next paragraph.

What caught my attention about the Capitals winning the Cup is not the fact that they finally won, but the way Olvechkin reacted. As a man who waited 13 years to win a cup, you would expect him to be happy, but the reaction he gave was something that’s not usually seen in Stanley Cup past. His face said it all. Not only that, he had a sense of pure joy that you don’t see often at the professional level. 

My point of all this is that I can’t be mad because it’s something that means the world to Alex Olvechkin and nothing can take that away from him, not even my hatred for the Capitals. Congratulations to the Capitals and I hope all the players enjoy it as much as Ovi does.

Getting back to reality, let's go over some reminders before we get to the concepts. Don't forget to listen to the Jersey Nerd Podcast tomorrow. I can only imagine what animal Ryan has us mingling with this week (My guess is a koala), get all your HJC merch by clicking on that shop button, Vote for the COTW and COTW-May and, finally, Grab a buddy and get your pairs comp entry in.

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Okay let's get to the concepts!

Anthony C- Philadelphia Flyers
Positives: The flyers have shown with their second Winter Classic/ Alternate jersey that they can pull off a traditional jersey design and this just adds to the argument that they should ditch the current jersey design. And nobody got the joke. Moving on, both jerseys with the black yokes and the all black collars look great and I think that's something that really works. Also, the two stripe design on the jersey and socks really gives it that simple but solid design style.
Negatives: First, I nice indicator of what the back lettering and numbers would look like would be nice. Anyways, The two stripes look really thin for the jersey so I'd make those thicker to help them stand out. Also, I'd add orange to the bottom of the second black stripe on the sock as it would balance out the look. Finally, with this type of template, you have the stripes where the arms bend so give the stripes the look of moving with the body instead of being placed after the fact.
Overall: 8/10

Burkus C- Calgary Flames
Positives: A black jersey would be nice for the Flames to have. They really missed the "Black for black's sake" time period so why not? Also, the White C Logo looks good on the front instead of it being yellow or red.
Negatives: The design of this jersey (black jersey with white ends) looks so familiar to me that it gets lost among the numerous quick-draw designs we see every once in a while and I feel that the emphasis on certain colors over others was the wrong choice. Otherwise, The design doesn't really seem to be one of your better ones.
Overall: 6/10

Burkus C- Chicago Blackhawks
Positives: You didn't get anything wrong from a presentation standpoint.
Negatives: Burkus, the only differences between this and the 2016 Stadium Series' jersey are three and a half things: The hem, the logo, the sleeves, and part of the collar. The rest is just a copy. I understand that you wanted to see something of this but this just isn't altered enough to be considered a original design.
Overall: 2/10

Taylor R- St. Lawrence Skating Saints
Positives: After looking at what St. Lawrence wears now and has worn, I like how you've done a Frankenstein style jersey mixing different jerseys into one cohesive jersey. The black yokes work really well and the single stripe to match the collar on each jersey is a nice touch.
Negatives: Other that making the pants black instead of red, I don't really have a negative for this other than a personal preference which is changing the knockoff St. Louis Cardinals logo for the logo you have shown on the concept.
Positives: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE

Lucas D- Houston Dynamo 
Positives: I like that you make the emphasis on the orange for the clash jersey and using the orange in the same way that the preds use yellow on the white jersey. Also, the two tone numbers was an interesting choice that really works for the orange jersey.
Negatives: Is that Navy blue or is it suppose to be black because, the last time I check, the Dynamo used black. Anyways, It's a pretty good set up with the issues of the pentagon on the collar no matching the entire collar and the two tone numbers on the white jersey not being a traditional two tone.
Overall: 8/10

Alright that's what I got so you guys have a good rest of the evening and I'll see you guys next weekend!
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