Sunday: Back at it!

Hi guys. Steve here back on my normal Sunday post. I was really busy last weekend and couldn't get to a computer in time so thank you to our Friday writer, TC. Getting back to it, the cup playoffs are turning out to be an interesting series and you can tell the tension between the two teams building with each game.

In other news, their are some new designs over at the Redbubble site. We now have the modern jerseys of Washington, Winnipeg, Tampa Bay, Nashville, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Boston with more to come so check it out!

You know what's coming up? The Pairs Comp. BPoe and I cam in second last year, but we will not be teaming up again to try and make an entire run at winning so get your partners and get started on your outdoor game designs. Also, don't forget to vote for concept of the week and the Jersey Nerd Podcast tomorrow night!

COTW May 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Pairs Competition entries (due June 22 @ noon ET)
New episode - Jersey Nerds Podcast (every Monday)

Okay let's do this!

Adam G- Vegas Golden Knights (New York-New York)
Positives: This is really neat and interesting design. Going with the obvious theme of NYC (you'd be stupid not to) you really have some interesting elements and placements. The Brooklyn Bridge at the hem was a good choice as well as the NYC skyline with each building being a different color. The overall design is an attention getter.
Negatives: The Brooklyn Bridge is a little too "minimalist" for my liking and should include the cables and a bit more detail, much like the city uses with the differing colors on the skyline. Also, the name and numbers are really plain and could use some more color as well.
Overall: 7.5/10

Adam G- Vegas Golden Knights (Paris Hotel & Casino)
Positives: The thick striping on the arms is really bold and grabs your attention right away on the jersey and making the numbers blue and name red give it a little more color.
Negatives: This jersey really gives me a 2000's USA vibe, and not in a good way. it's really plain and doesn't show anything that really says "Paris" other than what the logo says. Maybe do what you did on the sleeves of the New York-New York jersey and put the Eiffel Tower on the arms? In a nutshell, Make the design more unique.
Overall: 6/10

Alexander W- Saginaw Spirit
Positives: I appreciate that you went as far as making a vintage logo based off the old Saginaw Wheels logo to add to the old jersey. It really makes it feel like a throwback but with a slight Faux back twist. You made the collar one color so good job on that and this is a accurate looking replica.
Negatives: While I appreciate the custom logo, it could use a little more touch up to give it that finished look. Right now it looks like you put it together as an after thought. Other than that you forgot to make the inside of the collars the same color as either the jersey or the yoke. I understand you don't want it to clash with the collar but you can make the shade on the inside darker and or lighter.
Overall: 7.75/10

Anthony C- Davos Hockey Club  

Positives: Davos has always had a clean look and this is no exception and, to be honest, this actually looks decent with the Adidas stripes and that's something I can see Adidas doing with a European club. I like the darker blue stripe on the jersey as it give the jersey an added design that you'd only see up close.
Negatives: My only Gripe is the numbers that you're using. Those numbers work great for soccer, but they're a little too progressive for hockey.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE

Alright guys that's all I got. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys next week!
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