Saturday: Super Special Bonus Concept Day

Hi folks, welcome to HJC on for a special concept post on Saturday. Usually, we take a break today and look back on the past week, but today, we have a special bonus post. Ok, it's not all that special, but here are your concepts anyway. First, check out our usual Saturday Rundown:

Also, our usual reminders. Not exciting, I know, but just look at it anyway, ok?

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Ok, now for the good stuff.

Burkus C.- Philadelphia Flyers

We already knew Philly's alternate, but it's not good enough for Burkus today. The chest stipe is a welcomed inclusion, and I appreciate that it's lined up with the feathers (are those feathers? I'm calling them feathers) of the logo. The stripe down the shoulder complements the chest stripe, but the way the Flyers taper it towards the cuffs has never sat well with me. It's an awkward length to cut off at, and the rounding of the stripe does little to , not to mention that a solid chunk of it is in the "No Show Zone." I usually like to see pants stripes, and here I can see how an orange one would fit with the shoulder stripes nicely. The biggest problem with composition is the color layout; the broad stripes of orange are obnoxiously highlighted against the black jersey; it could use more white, like on the logo or numbers, to balance it out.

Grade: C-

Jay S.- South Carolina Stringrays

First of all, I would greatly appreciate if all of the artist's designs were on one image. It makes it much easier on me to go through the collection as a whole. I also have issues with this template. Yes, the player-in-motion is different from what we usually see and adds dynamism, but it's also harder to see the design, especially the hem stripe. All of that aside, this design is fantastic. The simple striping works great the the brand and color scheme. I have a minor issue on the white jersey with red numbers; I think blue would fit that design better has it leans more towards blue-on-white with red just for accents. It's near-universal to have the sock color match the jersey, but I love how Jay breaks protocol with red socks on the blue jersey. The red yoke would have stuck out of the design too much without the balancing socks. The logo selection is very fitting; I like how the secondary became the crest logo on the primary set, and the primary logo (with silver accents) goes the secondary jersey.

Grade: B-

Jordan R.- Ann Arbor Victors

Jordan makes a fictional team for Ann Arbor, heavily based on the nonfictional Ann Arbor team. The logo is creative, though the small A gets lost, especially at a distance. The Vancouver-esque stripes over the shoulders fit the logo extremely well, and I especially appreciate how the angle of both V's match perfectly. Even the helmet was designed in the same style, with a look very close to the university's helmets. This leads to my main concern with the design, how the upper part of the jersey has so much going on, the rest has very little. The hem of the jersey is lacking from a stripe or some kind of change in color. Lastly, the colors obviously couldn't be anything other than maize and blue, but what's really noteworthy was leaving out white or any accent color. Michigan can definitely pull off the two-color scheme, and Jordan's team is no different.

Grade: B-

That's it for today, but hey, that's three more new concepts than you usually get. Enjoy the rest of draft day, and keep your stick on the ice.

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