Quad City Storms Into the SPHL

Just months after our beloved and friend of the blog Quad City Mallards folded Moline, IL has a new hockey team in the Single A Southern Pro Hockey League, without the classic name that existed for 20 years. This team enters the league with the first female president in SPHL history, and high hopes, but without the Mallards name, they'd better have a strong identity to go with it. As their head coach says"

“We’re going to have a team the community can be proud of.”- Head Coach Dave Pszenyczny.

Introducing the Quad City Storm.

Photo from KWQC Gabriella Rusk (@GabriellaRusk)
The primary logo shows off a new colour scheme, featuring grey, electric blue, white, and black. The primary logo itself is a mix of an anthropomorphic tornado next to a storm crouch with the team name. The city name is stylized with lower parts of the Q and Y at the beginning and end of the name extending lower with a lightning bolt. The team name features a different rounded font with a slight italicization and something that looks to a degree with a blue blur effect to imply motion.

Fun fact: Moline, Illinois gives the Fayetteville Marksmen their longest road trip included with Peoria, almost 1000 miles! This was included in their welcome message to the SPHL's latest franchise

Photo from Fayetteville Marksmen Official Twitter 
It wasn't just the logo that was unveiled, we also got a look at their dark jersey. This is the best photo I could find so please bear with me.

Photo from Bobby Metcalf (@BobbyMetcalf88)

It's very blurry, but it's an Adidas style Winnipeg Jest recoloured jersey, with blue double stripes on the arms and a single electric blue on the hem. The collar is Reebok/Adidas style electric blue and black collar, and an unknown at this time shoulder patch. The numbers appear to be the same colour as the jersey with an electric blue outline.

UPDATE 06/22/18

Yes, we have more news on the jersey shown at the name unveiling thanks to SinBinStorm! 

Up close we see the font is a lot more squared off, more closely to the Quad City font over the Sotrm font,  and the shoulder patches appear to be an interlocking QC on the right shoulder and a simple American flag on the left.

Furthermore we will report when the proper jerseys are unveiled!

We'd love to hear your opinion on this new team! Does it suit replacing the Mallards? Do you like the name? The logos? Or would you come up with something completely different 

Here are some HJC Opinions

"Oh boy"- Jets96
"Oh that's terrible!"- Ryan HJC
"What a hunk of junk"- Luke Skywalker
"After all, bad design is a deadly, incurable disease. But no matter how you come to judge the Quad City Storm, in ethical, moral, and in human terms, the fact of the matter is, when they designed that logo because they wanted a new name, they broke the team"- That time Stewie accidentally quoted Philadelphia while hosting a radio show on Family Guy
" I find it hilarious they announce this name right as they're having major flash floods due to rain storms in the area"- TC Moore

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