New Carolina Hurricanes Third Jersey

At their draft party tonight, the Carolina Hurricanes unveiled their new alternate uniform.  As we knew from the teaser images they sent out, it is a black jersey based loosely on their old black alternate.

The new alternate logo features the hurricane warning flag, this time doubled up as it actually would be on the beach, with the area between the two flags making a subtle outline of the sate of North Carolina.  The striping pattern seems simple enough, but contains a sublimated heather pattern to give it... texture, I guess?  What seems like a phantom yoke at first is actually striping around a dark grey yoke that almost matches the jersey.  The shoulder patches are a recolored primary logo on one shoulder and North Carolina state flag on the other, which have been "ghosted" to blend into the jersey.  Inside the collar is the old black and grey warning flag design from the previous black alternate, a nod to this jersey's predecessor.

The helmet also features a new wordmark which adds the double Hurricane flag to a white block font.  This may be the best addition to the set, as the Canes have badly needed an updated wordmark.  

In my opinion, this is a miss.  The grey yoke on the black jersey seems unnecessary, and gives it a phantom yoke look.  The main crest has a neat feature in the state outline, but it's way too vertical for a hockey jersey, and the shoulder patches blending into the yoke makes them pointless.  The heathering on the stripes seems like a gimmick they want to be unique, but ultimately will fall flat on the ice.  The new wordmark is a definite upgrade, but when that's the only feather in your cap during a reveal, you know you've missed the mark.  Final verdict: some nods to the past, but the good ones are hidden and the bad ones are still around.  6/10

Staff Quotes:
"To quote my wife, '"I don't care what it is. It's fugly!'"- Ryan
"I love black jerseys, and this might be Adidas's first true dud. Perfectly sumerizes Carolina as an organization"- Jets96
"Hey guys, just got out of work, what did... WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO CAROLINA?!?!"- Ben S.
New Carolina Hurricanes Third Jersey Reviewed by TC Moore on June 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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