Monday: Ivy League

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The Capitals straight up yeeted....yote...yate...for this who don't speak meme, beat, the Golden Knights, as I predicted, a game earlier than expected, and I say good. I'm glad a team from the batch of early expansion teams yet to win a championship (Buffalo, Vancouver, St. Louis) and one of the longest championship droughts in the league (only the 3 above and Toronto have longer (thanks Gretzky)). I mean we don't know what Vegas will look like next year, but they're likely a heavily popular free agent destination, but I predict being in that weaker Pacific division, they'll be back in the playoffs. Reason being even if they lose a few RFAs, Neal etc. Anaheim will begin a rebuild likely, Arizona and Calgary I think get better but not enough to pass Vegas, Vancouver is just starting a rebuild, teh Sharks are good but not great, the Kings have work to do, and the Oilers... who tf knows?!

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On with today's concepts!


Dartmouth Big Green NCAA Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

While some may see the comparison to North Dakota's colour scheme, I see a lot of nice ideas. Perhaps it's the black yoke and Blackhawks like striping, but that comparison once made cannot be unmade. Anyways I like the striping! This pattern lends itself well to this colour scheme, and it fits with the arched script. The arch script works really well for an NCAA team, but when I think Dartmouth, I think of a big green D. and with that comes the one thing I would scrap from this jersey, the yokes. It does do a decent amount for colour balancing, especially on the white jersey, but on the green jersey it adds more black that only brings ND State comparison. That being said, Taylor tries to make it work with the curve to the yoke, that's a nice touch! 


Newfoundland Growlers ECHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

Once you give the Growlers their own jerseys, you'll find that they don't really have a Vegas copy look, if anything, more similar to the concepts from 2012-15 that tried to put the Pens in Vegas Gold on classic jerseys. Anyways, the striping here is really nice I like the inverted stripes on the arms done in a way you wouldn't expect, similar to the 2014 Detroit WC. The lack of shoulder patches really does hurt the jersey, particularly the white one. On top of that, there's the numbers, which to me do NOT match the theme at all. I think for a team name that prides itself on military history, that military numbers would really work nicely. Or at least some standard block numbers.


Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: BurkusCircus)

Imagine if the Blue Jackets attempted a fauxback, and based that around the 2016 Stadium Series jersey, and this is what you'd get. The colour balancing is really nice! I like how it draws from the logo, with lots of white and a decent amount of navy in the striping on the arms. The reintroduction of the cap shoulder patch is...interesting. I've never been a big fan of that logo, but in this colour scheme, Burkus has managed to make me like it! Good on ya for that. The only thing I can really see wrong is the numbers on the back, this seem to be lifted from Sportslogos.net which in itself is a little lazy but not bad, but the sizing of the numbers is off and still has some red leftover.


Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: BurkusCircus)

In a similar vain we have this concept for the Avs. Again I really like the colours here, lots of white with some thick maroon stripes and big maroon shoulder patches. I also like that black isn't completely removed from the jersey found in the logos. This makes it less jarring when black gear is used. I do think there is a little much with the shoulder patches being nearly identical to the primary logo. Problem is I don't know what to replace it with, perhaps the usual primary or a recoloured yeti foot? However it is not something that ruins the jersey by any means

9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Harvard Crimson Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

Another very solid NCAA concept by Taylor here, this one I think giving us a more unified school identity. The striping is similar to the Oilers classic striping with an extra stripe, and it really works with the script. Harvard for sure is a script school, as the H shield logo only adds to it as an amazing shoulder patch and doesn't seek to replace it. The number style is awesome, especially the NOB looking similar to be as the Islanders black jersey font, but if that were thinner, spaced right, and worked. One problem for me is the collar being the same on both jerseys, and I would have used black gear, even helmets!


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Ben Shaffer said...
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Ben Shaffer said...

Taylor's Harvard for COTW

TC Moore said...

I'll second Taylor's Harvard for COTW

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