Monday: HJC Turdburger?

Welcome to the Monday post!

Here's some food for thought. Maybe not good food, like marshmallows or beef jerky for thought, but friend of the show, Mr Crustless Meme, Bpoe, as provided us with some quality content.

So....what do you think? Would you wear this? Is it terrible? Is it beautiful? Tell us below.

This week we have the usually COTW vote, with Lucas getting the guaranteed win, but you'll need to decide if it's the Atlanta FC or Chicago Fire crossover concept that officially gets the win.
Votes as always are due Friday @ noon EST

The Pairs Competition has begun! You and your partner have until June 22nd to get your Outdoor entires done and sent to Ryan ready for presentation! All rules and expectations are found on the contest page. Best of luck to all the pairs!

Finally, we have episode 33 of the Jersey Nerds Podcast, the Callback Episode if you want to call it. We had 4 writers and 1 BPoe on so lots of opinions, and Hippos. Stay tuned for that!

On with today's concepts!


Oshawa Generals Concept (By: Anthony C.)

I look at this concept and see a lot of good. It's very much so like the early 80s through early 00s Generals motif  got transferred to a Stadium Series kersey, and it works! The striping is done very well, I do like that it not only doesn't match, but that the 3 stripes on the arm are done properly to the Generals style. The NOB is a bit small, and a shoulder patch would do a lot! Also, don't forget on CHL jerseys to put CCM on the back of the collar, the right side of the chest, the league logo on the opposite side and a CHL logo on the hem for total accuracy.


Vegas Golden Knights Concept (By: Adam G.)

Fun fact, when I was 7-8 my dad got really bad food poisoning at the Planet Hollywood in Toronto and I'll never go to one as a result, but this isn't about a mediocre chain of restaurants, this is Adam going through Vegas's historical hotels and casinos and making fan jerseys. The gradient on the hem surprisingly works well, as does the stylized pattern on the cuffs. While it may be accurate, I would have stuck with the blue and black, and not included the maroon on the shoulder patch or NOB. This is another one of those jerseys where the Vegas logo doesn't look bad but it doesn't necessarily look good or fit in well either. I would have considered a recolour. 


Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Anthony C.)

The Canucks in green, despite actually being a vintage look from the WHL, is not something I'd be a huge fan of, instead leaving that to the Utica Comets, however, amongst Vancouver fans, I'd be the minority. The striping is simple enough, a good vintage vibe, but that hurts the modern design of the logos and pant stripes. The 1970-78 logo would have worked much better as would the pants without the stripes. The Canucks have so many shoulder patch ideas it's almost impossible not to use one and have it work, and the same issue with the NOB applies here. Finally, I would have stuck with the Canucks current font, but that's just me! 


Vegas Golden Knights Concept (By: Adam G.)

I'm surprised at how well the striping here works. It's like the Atlanta Thrashers Motocross jersey but like there's actually effort put into it. Seriously consider retooling this as a Thrashers jersey! As is though, I like it, probably the best of the bunch so far. The logo again sticks out but then again almost any ago would. The gradient effect is solid, and overall this one works not just as an idea, but as a hockey jersey as a whole!


Toronto Marlies AHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

With the Marlies currently fighting for the Calder Cup, it's only natural we get a Marlies concept. I do like the Arenas inspired arm striping, as it seemed to work well on the Adidas template last December for TML. The rest of the jersey is standard Leafs/Marlies fare, and a pretty solid attempt to do something with a Leafs brand they won't likely continue with past one off uses. The numbers are way too small though, and while I do like this template, it's a shame we don't get any of the back o the jersey. 


That's the post

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Ben Shaffer said...

Anthony C's Oshawa for COTW.

Ryan said...

Anthony's Marlies for COTW!

TC Moore said...

I'll second Anthony's Generals for COTW

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