Monday: Bolts, Bears, BattleTheOfficeReferencesareLame

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On with today's concepts!


Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (By: BurkusCircus)

This jersey reminds me of the Chicoutimi Saguneéns throwbacks from the early 1970s, but a lot darker. The jersey itself is pretty good, but without the black continuing to the back It seems off. The yoke is pretty decent with the bolt pattern, but nothing I haven't seen before. The logo placement is fine, but it would looks better with a shoulder patch and regular number placement. Finally while I usually like rounded numbers, they just don't work for a team like Tampa


Manchester Monarchs ECHL Concepts (By: Jay S.)

The Manchester Monarchs continue to use their Calder Cup winning jerseys in the ECHL, but their logo implies they could stand to use a lot more grey. I like the home, new I really like it. It's very much like a Chevy logo era jersey with grey where the whit usually is and the numbers in the proper place. The white on the other hand doesn't really work for me. It looks like the Kings original Edge away with grey replacing Forum Blue. However the Monarchs never looked that solid in that not-purple so I don't mind it too much. Finally, the jerseys would look better with the lion head only.


Bay City Bears Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

If Saginaw & Flint ever got tired of the OHL, the MHL might be the next logical step, where they would meet up with these guys. I admit I first saw Bay City and thought 70s pop band and then San Fran, which doesn't have the black bears on the jersey, but Bay City, MI is a place. The jerseys themselves are a mix between Nashville's second Edge and pre-Edge sets, and i really like it. The way the yoke curve connects to the arm stripes is really well done. I'm not usually a fan of jerseys that have the exact same pattern on both jerseys, and while these both look excellent, the hem stripe on the white jersey could use some yellow. It would be interesting to see a fully colour balanced version but as is, I really like it. Logo looks fantastic too!

9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia FIFA World Cup Crossover Concepts (By: Matt G.)

As of today KSA is no longer the worst team in this World Cup by a long shot, after beating the disappointing Egyptian team. Their actual kits pretty bland being all green with little white outside the numbers or chest, so I think taking that crossed sword palm tree logo and expanded on it would be an excellent idea if they ever entered hockey. The striping is pretty nice too, and overall well balanced. The only issue I have is with the numbers, which are a little too soccer liek for me, but as is, it looks okay considering this is a two colour scheme team


Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: Ben S.)

Ben usually does a good job coming up with unique striping patterns for teams with complex colour schemes and this is no exception. The striping here is very different to say the least, but I think it works. Almost has a Bulgarian vibe to it in a  sense, and I really like that. Love the rounded script on the helmet, and the sword pattern on the pants. My only issue with this concept is the numbers. They're simply too dark and have too many outlines for my taste. I'd prefer something similar to the Stars where you let the jersey and striping colours stand out and do monochrome numbers.


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Matt's Saudi Arabia for COTW

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