Kachina is back in Glendale: Arizona Unveils Throwback Alternate

Beginning a few seasons ago, the Coyotes began hinting at their recently popular Kachina jerseys would return as a throwback. Beginning as once or twice a year jerseys, the team made the least surprising move of any team, and brought these blasts from the past back full time!

This is a near perfect throwback, with only minor changes to the top half of the jersey being introduced to fit this with the Adizero template. Logos and striping remain the same, and the yoke goes from triangular to the standard rounded Adidas style.

One problem is the Kachina collar has been put into the toilet seat style collar with it actually being mainly black instead of solid Kachina like on the original.

Furthermore, the team has announced they will wear this on Saturday games, unknown at this point if it will only be worn at home or for ALL Saturday games? We'll just have to see.

Writer Opinions

BPoe- Honestly I think my ideal identity for the coyotes is black primarily with brick red and green as the secondary colors. It’s a beautiful and unique combination
Ben S.-  Very fitting. Consistent with the design as a whole.
Steve M.- That’s it I’m getting one
TC Moore- Kachina collar is straight fire
Justin B.- The Kachina collar is a bit much
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