ECHL Maine Mariners Unveil Jerseys

Maine's first professional hockey team since the Portland Pirates left for Springfield to become the Thunderbirds in 2016 now have jerseys. Today the Maine Mariners Part 3 unveiled their new jerseys, calling on a familiar design but in a new colour scheme.

Here is their white jersey

Photo from Maine Mariners Official Twitter (@MainersOfMaine)
The striping is pretty simple, based heavily on the Flyers design, with a new striping pattern added to the hem stripe.

Here is their navy jersey 

Photo from Maine Mariners Official Twitter (@MainersOfMaine)
Here we see a different use of the Flyers template. The commonly coloured yoke is replaced with a phantom yoke outline of that pattern, and large green cuffs. The hem stripe on this jersey is different from the road.

So far, only the white jersey has been released outside the graphic. The original Maine Mariners were known for the simplistic yet effective logo that became a staple of 80s AHL hockey, and 30+ years later, that logo will return on a new set.

Photo from Maine Mariners Official Twitter (@MainersOfMaine)
The reflective green replaces black while navy replaces the orange or black depending on the era of Mariners you're talking about. The green in the logo is a slightly different shade of green from the jersey itself, if not to make it more visible on the green yokes on the white jerseys.

Another shoulder patch is worn on the left shoulder, with a new design.
Photo from Maine Mariners Official Twitter (@MainersOfMaine)
The new patch features some similar design notes to the classic logo, particularly in the use of the ship wheel and that same shade of brighter green. Furthermore we see the pentagon from the primary logo at the base of the trident in the collar insert. As long with that we see some hidden detain in the primary logo. Look at the right side of the M, clearly shows a lighthouse outline. On the other side of the M we see what could be two harpoon tips perhaps? Not sure. You tell us!

Here are some HJC Writer Opinions:

BPoe: "That Maine (white) jersey is pretty nice"
TC: "The white is way better than the blue. Love the logo choices, the main crest works a lot better than I thought it would.  The white one looks fantastic, blue looks meh.  Only real issue I see is the white being fairly devoid of blue despite being the most prominent color on the dark jersey."

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