Wednesday: Red vs Blue

No Rooster Teeth involved in this post. No Hudson River Derby here between NY Red Bulls and NYCFC either. No Original 6 either. Just Calgary and Tampa Bay in this post, where I highlight a design trend I see rising here at HJC.

COMPETITION: We are doing a good old fashioned HJC redesign, this time of the Wheeling Nailers. Get going on that and give the ECHL-Pens a new look. Entries are due NEXT Friday, so you have extra time to work on that while we mess around while Ryan is not looking, wait did I say that out loud? *hides*

This upcoming podcast will be a MUST LISTEN with Ryan on vacation. Will this Jersey Nerds Podcast be the one where we overthrow Ryan and take over HJC? Head to this past Saturday's post to catch up on last week's podcast to prepare yourselves.


 COTW Vote April 20-26 (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 Wheeling Nailers Competition (entries due Friday May 11 @ noon EST) 

Adam G: Calgary Flames Concept

The design trend I mentioned at the top of today's post is identical striping on the jerseys but each jersey still having a separate look. We start with Adam's De-Zero concept, where the road jersey has colored upper arms, a yellow stripe, a black stripe and white below that down the rest of the sleeve. It's a nice road jersey that makes sure red is the dominant color. The home jersey has identical arms as the road jersey, but looks completely different in regards to the design idea, leaving a more traditional pattern that is matched on the hem. I'm in favor of the different hem stripes between the jerseys, because as it stands, the road jersey having the thicker block of red on the bottom helps balance out the jerseys, while the middle stripe brightens up the jersey with it's yellow color. No need for pants striping. The Horse Head logo returns and my childhood is happy. The white C on the home jersey looks better in general, and this pattern helps keep the white in balance throughout. Maybe more red on the gloves but otherwise I think this is the best one in your series so far.

Rating: 95%

Lucas D: Tampa Bay Lightning Concept

Here we have the same exact idea, except the upper arm isn't kept the same in each design, and that's for the best since the dark jersey has the same color (blue) on the upper and lower portions of the sleeve. The striping pattern is a black and white stripe trimmed with silver around and between the stripes. I think the silver is unnecessary, as it makes the black stripe stand out more awkwardly as the pattern is transitioned to the away jersey. I like the logo choice, a modified logo. Imagine the first Edge design the Bolts used, remove the Tampa Bay script from the top and play around with the colors a bit. The change of base color behind the lightning bolt is awesome too, as it allows the logo to stand out completely from the base color of the jersey while keeping in balance with the jersey.

Rating: 85%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Speaking of the Lightning, they head up to Boston for game 3 tonight while the Golden Knights look to steal another road game away from the Sharks and head back to Vegas up 3-1. 7 PM and 10 PM respectively (EDT) on NBCSN, CBC and TVAS. Until then I'll see you next week for a special post here on HJC.
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Lucas’s Tampa Bay for COTW.

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