Wednesday: One Down, Three to Go?

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday edition of HJC. It's game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight at 8 pm. After a crazy game 1, the Golden Knights look to keep their form while the Capitals look to steal a road win before heading back down to DC. I am on the Golden Knights bandwagon for three reasons: The hilarity of the Capitals still not winning a cup, division rivalry and Tom Wilson. So here's a little pregame treat for you: Five concepts (including 2 Vegas fan jerseys). Let's get to it!


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Adam G: Vegas Golden Knights CityCenter Concept

Fan jerseys generally speaking are not great to look at however they can be great marketing tools, as we see here. Las Vegas is a tourist destination without question, and when you are a tourist in Vegas, you are probably visiting a casino. So Adam takes inspiration from the CityCenter logo and uses it to create a special marketing jersey for them and the Golden Knights. While mixing the two brands isn't aesthetically pleasing, as we have seen so far in this series, Adam makes the most of the CityCenter brand and places it on a jersey, using 5 blue stripes on each sleeve, with grey as an accent color. The 5 stripes are found in the logo so this makes sense. The lone blue trim on the bottom works well because the pattern on the sleeves would clutter the bottom of the jersey. A solid jersey and a quality marketing idea that the Knights may want to act on with one of these resorts.

Rating: 82%

Adam G: Vegas Golden Knights Excalibur Concept

The Excalibur resort plays on a major medieval theme, a theme that probably looks best with the Knights' branding. The red gold and blue reflect the tower peaks that make up the resort, while the faded brick red trim reflects the building itself. I like the partial logo on the shoulders, as the full logo is that plus a lengthy wordmark. But with a resort designed like a castle, I'm disappointed that there's no castle pattern on this jersey. I think it would've been a fantastic idea, just because it works well with both brands.

Rating: 81%

Anthony C: Team USA (IIHF) Concept

Anthony comes back after a long absence with a simple yet bold USA jersey. A red jersey with two stripes, one white and one blue, on the arms, socks and OH MY GOD THAT SASH PATTERN! A brilliant look that works well with the logo, just because of the old-school style of both. The font looks great. Maybe the shield alone could work as a shoulder patch. Brilliant otherwise.

Rating: 97%

Anthony C: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

For a while after first adopting the Leafs branding, Toronto kept the St. Pats green before adopting the classic blue you see today. With that, Anthony makes a simple three stripe pattern (almost Adidas-esque, though unintentionally I assume), plus a chest stripe that wraps around the body of the jersey, using a different pattern also font on the pants. The only thing I would improve about this jersey is green numbers. You have a green logo with a white outline based on how thick the chest striping is, so why not the same for the numbers?

Rating: 77%

Noah B: Arizona Coyotes Concept

Noah decides to simplify the Coyotes look, keeping the black they introduced a few years ago. That road jersey we see looks too similar to a look already in the Yotes organization. It's the same jersey as the Coyotes AHL franchise, the Tuscon Roadrunners, just with the sand color in between the brick red and black, instead of the Roadrunners brown. The home jersey is different by a lot more as it dumps the shoulder yoke and uses three separated stripes instead of a block of 5 different colored stripes, though the separation between those stripes is the same size as the sand stripes on the road, just for consistency's sake. Font outlines would also help this jersey big time, as would a sand colored outline on the home set, since I see you've left out white entirely, a nice idea in it of itself.

Rating: 67%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



Game 2 begins at 8 PM Eastern on NBCSN (garbage that it's not on NBC proper), CBC, SportsNet and TVAS. Will the Knights go to Washington up 2-0? Will Washington even the series? Stay tuned AND stay tuned for an upcoming personal surprise from HJC.

Well, not a surprise for me, but something for me from HJC that is currently a surprise to you.

See you next week. And for the next two weeks, Go Knights Go!
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