Wednesday: Game 7

The two most exciting words in hockey, besides Stanley Cup. And the Capitals and Lightning will take part in it. Do or die. There will be no tomorrow for one of these teams. Well, there will be a tomorrow, but it will involve cleaning out lockers. Nobody wants to do that until June.

Ironically enough, while the game is in Tampa Bay, I will be in Washington. Not for hockey reasons but soccer, and I'll be using that game as banter against Washington for sure as it happens. 8 pm start so it should get underway during the second half of the soccer game. I'm preparing my "Tampa Bay Lightning Goal" sign now.

After tonight the HJC playoff pool will be up again and live until puck drop of game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. Watch this space.

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Danny R: Drumheller Dragons (AJHL) Concept

The Dragons wear Flyers copies (common trend in minor junior hockey to wear NHL template jerseys) This is slightly different from following the pattern, as it adds trim to the sleeve pattern and a matching hem stripe. Basic jersey, nothing special, gets the job done. Pant striping should match the jersey.

Rating: 79%

Danny R: Ft. McMurray Oil Barons (AJHL) Concept

The Barons use St. Louis Blues templated jerseys, so Danny uses an inspiration from Blues history with the guitar string jerseys, but replacing red with navy blue to match the current scheme the Barons (and Blues for that matter) employ. On top of that, the striping is evened out to be horizontal and not crazy diagonal like the 90s Blues jerseys. I like the diagonal MOB script, standing for McMurray Oil Barons (and inspiring their mascot name "Mobster"). The alternates they currently use have the script horizontally and I think this is a better look. Collar is brilliant, font is ok in white (better in gold maybe?) and no pant striping is a good choice. Maybe include the primary logo on the shoulders to perfect this jersey.

Rating: 95%

John E: Senators Gaming Club (E-Sports, fictional) Concept

With the debut of the NBA 2K League and e-MLS Cup, John gets ahead of the curve and creates the e-NHL, starting with Ottawa's Senators Gaming Club. I think the nickname of "E-Sens" is perfect, so I'll use that for this. The E-Sens have been given a main set that is substantially better than the actual Sens, using a pattern similar to the original Sens uniforms from 1992, plus the chest stripe to tie in the "O" alternate they used before the switch to Adidas. The number choice is interesting, and not the first time we saw black numbers on a black jersey, as the Flyers did it for the 2017 Stadium Series and the Blackhawks did it for the 2010 Winter Classic (albeit on a thick vintage white chest stripe). The question is whether or not the outline is thick enough to warrant dark numbers and the answer is yes. The barber pole jersey is interesting to say the least. A classic design with modern lettering. And by modern, I mean vintage video game lettering (a modern idea though). That is a stroke of brilliance right there in the idea, but I'm not sure it works on the jersey. Props for trying though. Now as an E-sports design idea, is this for the players in the game to wear or the players PLAYING the game itself to wear? Because if it's the latter, the equipment seems unnecessary. I don't think you need hockey pants to sit and play 'chel.

Rating: 94%

Lucas D: Boston Bruins Concept

Lucas continues to play on the idea of identical pattern illusions by creating this nice brown and yellow Bruins set with the same pattern on the arms and hem of both jerseys, with the white blending into the body of the white jersey. Well done to say the least, but the socks don't match the jerseys. I do think that while it looks good, the trend seems to be a bit outplayed. And the next concept will emphasize that point.

Rating: 85%

Lucas D: New Jersey Devils Concept

Generally speaking, this is a better jersey than what the Devils already have. Light years better. But again we see that trend again, as the outer white stripes from the home reds blend into the body of the white jersey as the pattern is copied exactly onto the road whites. The striping looks suspiciously similar to the Bruins pattern, sans yoke trim, but the patterns are set a bit higher up on the Devils jerseys here. Still not a good thing with both of these here in the same post. I'd 100% buy this if I were a Devils fan but there's no way I can rate this as well as I'd like due to the Bruins concept.

Rating: 77%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



Five concepts today. I like the sight of that. Sure it's slightly more work, but screw it. I like content, and more jerseys means more content. So keep sending them in. Keep up the good work. Most importantly, GAME SEVEN! Just kidding, most importantly, don't be afraid to try new things. You never know when you strike gold with your concept. But you won't find out unless you send it in here. I will see you next week, and hopefully the Lightning and Golden Knights will be well under way in the Stanley Cup Final.
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TC Moore said...

John's Sens Gaming Club for COTW. Great look for a really cool idea

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