Wednesday: Casual for Cheap

And welcome to another Wednesday post here at HJC! The Capitals may have lost last night but they seem to be the textbook definition of "Getting hot at the right time" at the moment, after finally defeating the Penguins in the playoffs, advancing to the conference finals for the first time in 20 years. Not only that, but they went down to Tampa Bay and stormed to a 2-0 series lead before losing Game 3 at home. Personally I hope Tampa Bay can come back and win the series, just so I don't have to see Tom Wilson's name etched onto the Stanley Cup. Out west, Vegas stole one on the road to Winnipeg, evening the series at one game a piece. Game 3 is tonight, and this may be an early indicator as to how this series will turn since Vegas won Game 2.

VOTES: The Wheeling Nailers have one of the coolest identities in hockey with their name and logo, and now we've redesigned their jerseys. Time for you to choose a winner. Votes are due Friday at noon Eastern. Dont forget about COTW and COTW-April votes!

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 COTW Vote May 4-10 (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 COTW-April Vote (Ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 Wheeling Nailers Competition (Votes due Friday @ noon EST) 


Danny R: Brooks Bandits (AJHL) Concept

It seems like the Bandits are the most popular team in the Alberta Junior Hockey League here on HJC. Their current jerseys actually make good use of the Anaheim Ducks template from 2007 with the curved striping along the front, especially with the bandanna in the logo being curved similarly. Here Danny adds a bit of class (ironic with the team name) here with a roundel logo with the off colored upper arms, a more traditional look for the team. There are a few things I'll suggest to perfect this idea, starting with the font colors. If you swapped the red and white on the number on the back, there'd be a much better balance of color throughout the entirety of the jersey, and white the numbers are patterned the same on the sleeves, I think it would look better swapped. As such, to match the hypothetical white number I'm suggesting, dumping the off-colored nameplate and making the font white would also aid that idea. Finally, I would have the sock pattern reversed. Since it's a dark jersey, the less white on the sock, the better match with the jersey you'll have.

Rating: 82%

John E: Seattle Kraken Concept

With Key Arena almost set for renovation in advance of potential NHL expansion, John takes a chance on the Kraken name that was floated around as a possibility. He gives them a logo that includes a tentacle shaped like an S with the letters of Seattle patterned similarly to the original Metropolitans logo. He also uses the NBA's SuperSonics green and gold color scheme. Because what Seattle team besides the Mariners can exist without some sort of green? (Sonics, Metros, T-birds, Seahawks, Sounders FC). Even then the teal the M's use is oftentimes considered close enough to green to fit. Nevertheless, John creates a traditional looking jersey that uses that same idea of identical striping between the jerseys that still looks different. This way, it allows the green to remain the dominant color of the road whites, in addition to the green squared yoke it sports. On top of that, the thick yellow stripe in the pattern helps draw attention to the logo and helps it stand out without looking awkward. The only downside to this is the pants pattern, not including any sort of yellow in their design. Of course the question stands that should a new team have such a traditional look? I think in this case yes because it works.

Rating: 90%

Lucas D: Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

Lucas decides to draw inspiration from the Pens early 2000s jerseys for this design, adding diagonal stripes on the sides of the body and sleeves. I think it's a decent idea, especially on the black jersey. But the white jersey just seems empty to me as a result, and I think that's part of the reason why those Pens jerseys had a solid triangle on them. One issue I want to note here is the transition of the pattern between templates. Notice how the yellow stripe stops at the section of the jersey that connects the body to the sleeve at the armpit. That section of the jersey does not extend as low as the pattern shows on the 3-D template. I like the inclusion of that template just so we can have a better look as to what the jersey would look like in real life, but there has to be a better way to transition the design between the two templates in order to make them look the same.

Rating: 75%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



And that does it for this week here at HJC. Will the Stanley Cup Final come around for my post next week? Will Vegas stun everyone and make it to the Final? Will Washington ride their hot streak all the way to glory for the first time in team history? Will the Jets come from the depths of misery in Atlanta to make the Final? Or will Steven Stamkos get one step closer to getting his name on the Cup? Maybe we'll see by next week. One thing is for sure, I'll be there for it here at HJC. See you then!
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